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Take a Break with These Calming Websites

Tri-fold of multi-colored sand piles, ocean sunset, and blue graphic design
This Is Sand/Calm/Weave Silk

It’s really easy to use the internet to stress yourself out with the news and other less than pleasant things. These websites are the opposite of that: Instead of raising your blood pressure, they’ll help you kick back and relax for a few minutes.

Whether it’s driving down the streets of a foreign city or virtually popping bubble wrap, bookmark these sites for instant zen. Then, the next time you’re stressed out reading the news or checking a work email, just pop over and take a much-needed break.

Drive and Listen

image of street in Amsterdam
Drive & Listen

This website puts you in a vehicle and gives you a dashcam view of cities around the world. Visit Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Honolulu, and Rome, just to name a few. It’s as soothing as you imagine it would be. Turn on the local radio station on the website, and you’ll feel like you were transported into an entirely different culture. Just chill and watch the world go by for a few minutes.

This Is Sand

Multi-colored digital sand hills
This Is Sand

Create sand art with a click of your mouse on thisissand.com. Choose from the entire color spectrum and layer colors exactly how you want to. It’s visually satisfying and gives you something to focus on for as long as you want. They also have an app so you can play it on your phone—just visit the site to grab it.

Get Relaxed

Blue background with picture of sunset in the middle
Get Relaxed

Instead of Googling “relaxing images online” this website does it for you by displaying a slideshow of beautiful nature photos. Each image changes every three seconds. It’s like aimlessly scrolling through relaxing Instagram accounts but without the effort of, you know, scrolling. Add one of the soothing soundscapes offered, sit back, and get relaxed.

Do Nothing for Two Minutes

Image of sunset over ocean

This website does exactly what it promises. Look at a beautiful photo of the ocean while listening to the calming sound of waves and … do nothing for two minutes. If you move your mouse or touch your keyboard, the timer starts over for you. It’s a great way to find some peace in your day. It’s a simple idea, but a quick 2-minute break is all you need to reset and feel revived.


Blue abstract pattern on black background
Weave Silk

This is another visually satisfying art website that requires little effort. You create your own multi-colored geometric pictures using your mouse. The colors are incredibly vibrant and there are lots of different controls and symmetries you can play with. After 10 minutes, you’ll feel much less stressed and have a beautiful piece of art to call your own. While there’d no Android version of it, you can grab a copy for your iPhone or iPad here.

City Walks

image of goods booth in China
City Walks

Following the same vibe as Drive and Listen, City Walks gives you the perspective of someone walking through a city. It gives you a more intimate look at places around the world by walking past businesses and seeing the faces of local people. You can switch between day and night and turn on the city sounds for ambiance.

Lounge V

Image of lounge with TV in the center
Lounge V

This website offers high-quality nature videos that you can enjoy for free. Stare at tranquil films of beaches, waterfalls, underwater scenery, and more. Each video plays soothing music to accompany your relaxation period. You can also purchase the videos for a small fee to have access to them without the internet. If you like the lounge space vibe itself, feel free to leave the video small in the lounge itself—but if you want the full-screen experience, you can maximize the video.


Live cam of puppies drinking milk from mom

This website lets you check out live streams from all over the world. Most are of animals and nature. You can filter videos by specific animals, locations, and more. There’s an entire section designated to puppy litters. Can things get more uplifting than that?

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