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6 Stunning Terrariums and Stands to Show Off Your Plants

A three-tier plant stand, a gold geometric terrarium, and a rack of glass propagator bulbs

Terrariums and plant stands are means to the same end: turning your indoor plants into beautiful elements of home decor. They help you go beyond basic pots to create plant-based centerpieces that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are useful. Creating an indoor garden display doesn’t have to take a lot of effort—just pick a piece that goes with your decor, choose your favorite plants, and you’re well on your way!

There are tons of different designs for indoor plant stands and terrariums, suitable for any size and type of plant. Gone are big, bulky pieces—today, we’re all about interesting shapes, geometric designs, and beautiful materials to give your plants an appealing place to live. These are just a few of our favorite items sure to bring some extra life and style to any room:

Best Unconventional Design: Mkono Propagator Bulb Terrarium

A five-bulb glass and wood planter sitting on a wood cabinet

For the most part, we think of terrariums as glass-and-metal cages for small plants and succulents. That’s what makes the Mkono Propagator Bulb Terrarium so unique! Instead of that typical construction, the “terrarium” features five glass bulbs for propagating small plants. The bulbs are connected by a single hanging rod and all united by a single wooden planter.

The propagation style is what particularly sets this unit apart. Where most terrariums involve traditional soil growth, this uses sleek glass bulbs for propagation, where cuttings from plants are “planted” in water and form new roots. It’s a different kind of indoor gardening, and a totally different visual effect, making it a great choice to experiment a bit with your decor.

Best Table Terrarium: ElegantLife Terrarium

A glass and metal terrarium with succulents inside, sitting on a wood table

Sometimes, traditional is a good thing! For a typical, glass and metal, tabletop terrarium, look no further than the ElegantLife Terrarium. It’s everything you think of when you imagine an indoor terrarium: a geometric, house-shaped terrarium with an easy-open lid to access the plants inside. With a wrought-iron look and easy use, it’s both decorative and actually usable.

Rather than just being decorative, this terrarium is designed to actually work as a home for succulents, ferns, mosses, cacti, and other similar small plants. The bottom is intentionally not waterproof, so excess water can drain out and avoid root rot. Simply fill the terrarium with soil and rocks, add the plants of your choice, and you’ve got a beautiful, living decor piece!

Best Statement Piece: VIVOSUN 9 Tier Wooden Plant Stand

A multi-tiered wood plant stand with several plants

Plant stands are a great way to arrange and group plants together to take advantage of a sunny spot in your home. With a piece like the VIVOSUN 9 Tier Wooden Plant Stand, those plant stands can become a major focal point in your room as well as a space-efficient way to ensure your plants get the best light possible.

The large structure features several different individual platforms and tiers, staggered and differently sized for maximum visual interest. Made from simple, rustic-looking wooden slats, the varied tiers allow you to arrange plants of any size and feature your favorite pottery, creating a vertical garden in your living room or on a porch or balcony.

Best Mini Terrariums: Mkono Mini Glass Geometric Terrariums

Two gold-and-glass geometric mini terrariums, with succulents inside, on a wooden surface

Not all terrariums are big focal pieces! In recent years, it’s become trendy to include mini terrariums, like these Mkono Mini Glass Geometric Terrariums, on bookshelves, counters, and coffee tables. Each set of three mini terrariums includes three different shapes: a pyramid, a geometric globe, and a pentagon. At only four inches high, they’re the perfect size to serve as a modern accent piece on your favorite bookshelf or furniture pieces.

They may be small, but these terrariums do still work to hold actual plants! Use them for mini succulents, cacti, or air plants—there’s room for a layer of soil and rock as well as a small plant, with a permanently open side on each terrarium for air and water. Small and easy to use, they combine modern style with easy indoor gardening.

Best One-Plant Terrarium: NCYP Glass Geometric Terrarium

A glass geometric terrarium with plants inside, sitting on a wood block

For a slightly larger take on the geometric tabletop terrarium trend, try the NCYP Glass Geometric Terrarium. It’s a geometric glass-and-metal terrarium, which comes in three different colors (black, gold, and silver) and has the basic “globe” shape that you see in smaller decorative terrariums. The terrarium is solidly constructed, sealed tightly together without gaps between each glass panel, and with an open side for the plants to get air and water.

Each terrarium is just under nine inches around and almost six inches tall, just the right size for a mid-range decor piece. It’s big enough to arrange a couple of different small plants together—as seen in the picture above—but small enough to perch on a side table or shelf, making it a particularly versatile piece, both from a decor perspective and a planting one.

Best for Hanging Plants: Copree Bamboo 3-Tier Hanging Plant Stand

A sunny room with a three-tier wood plant stand, full of colorful pots of plants

For plants that need room to hang and grow vertically, the Copree Bamboo 3-Tier Hanging Plant Stand strikes just the right balance between usefulness and aesthetic appeal. Modern and minimalist, the plant stand has three staggered rows for plants, plus a handy rack along the top for plants that need to hang instead of sit. It’s the perfect way to display a variety of plants all in one place to create a “garden” effect.

Simple, sleek, and space-efficient, the stand provides a way to display your plants indoors if a tiny terrarium isn’t your thing. Plus, it’s made from sturdy, eco-friendly materials and has an adjustable, foldable design, making it easy to use and adapt to any space.

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