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Green Up Your Home with These 7 Window Planters

Three different window planters sitting on sunny windowsills.
T4U/The Garden Fork/FLOWERPLUS

Window planters are one of the easiest ways to add some greenery to your home. They’re self-contained, can accommodate a variety of plants, and (for the most part) sit out of the way. Choosing the right one for your space takes a bit of thought, however. That’s why we’ve chosen seven window planters to fit every space, big or small.

First, you have to figure out which kinds of plants you want to grow and the amount of sunlight they’ll get in your windows. You also have to consider how much space you have, and whether you want your planters to be part of your décor or purely functional.

Once you figure all of that out, it’s time to pick a window planter!

Best for Succulents: FLOWERPLUS Ceramic Planter

A white ceramic planter filled with succulents, sitting on white wooden slats.

Not all windows have sills deep enough to hold a planter. That’s where the FLOWERPLUS Ceramic Succulent Planter comes in! Long and low, it’s designed to help you create a beautiful little garden even in the narrowest of spaces.

Not meant for large, flowering plants, this one works best for cacti or succulents, which also means it’s ideal for spaces that don’t get as much direct sunlight.

Made from white ceramic, this planter is cute, sleek, and neutral, so it will work with any décor. There’s also a bamboo tray underneath for drainage and an adorable sign so you can label your plants. It’s durable, simple, and makes it easy for you to get growing.

Best Self-Watering: T4U Planters

A white rectangular planter with a leafy plant in it sits in a window

Take some of the hassle out of growing plants with these T4U Self-Watering Planters. Their deep, rounded-rectangle shape will accommodate any type of plant. A wide cotton rope absorbs excess water and stores it at the bottom of each planter. It’s then released slowly into the soil over time.

The double-liner construction and the fact that the stored water is kept separate will prevent the roots of your plants from rotting. The water level indicator is also clearly visible on the outside of each planter.

This set of three is available in three color options, making it incredibly easy for you to create a mini-garden in your favorite sunny window!

Best Farmhouse Style: The Garden Fork Kitchen Window Garden

A wood planter with three labeled pots of herbs sitting in a window
The Garden Fork

One of the best parts about creating a window garden is tying your planters in with the rest of your décor. For an airy, slightly rustic farmhouse look, try The Garden Fork Farmhouse Kitchen Window Garden.

This complete window set comes with three little metal herb pots, a bamboo wood planter, and a cute chalkboard label on the front, so you can turn any windowsill into a garden.

The homey, farmhouse look incorporated with an indoor garden creates a cozy vibe. After all, what says “farm” better than growing fresh herbs right in your kitchen window? If you’re looking to really lean into that style, this cute, simple planter set would be a great fit.

Best Transparent Planter: NIUXX Acrylic

The NIUXX Transparent Window Planter attached to a window.

Curious what goes on beneath the surface in your garden? If so, the NIUXX Acrylic Window Planter was designed just for you! Instead of the usual decorative, opaque exterior, this planter is made from durable, completely clear acrylic. This means you can literally watch the growing process from the ground up.

It’s also just the right size to grow a couple of plants. The strong suction cups also mean you never have to worry about not having enough space or that your plants won’t get enough sun. You simply attach the planter directly to the window.

It also has holes in the bottom to ensure proper drainage.

Best Transparent Planter

Best for Direct Sunlight: Window Garden Double Veg Ledge

Two small plants in metal pots sit on a clear acrylic shelf attached to a sunny window
Window Garden

Getting enough sunlight can sometimes be a struggle for window gardens, especially if your window is facing the wrong direction. The Window Garden Double Veg Ledge is the perfect solution to this common problem.

Its unique design is different from most planter setups. Instead of worrying about getting enough light on a sill, you can literally attach your plants to the sunniest part of the window.

The acrylic ledge provides enough space and stability to hold several pounds of weight, so it’s the perfect way to ensure your plants get the sunlight they need. Simply attach the ledge to the window with the suction cups, then put your plants on top. The unique “floating” design looks cool, too!

Best for Direct Sunlight

Best Minimalist Planter: MyGift Modern Minimalist Planter

A rectangular black planter with two succulents

Sometimes, you just want a planter that doesn’t draw attention to itself. If that’s the case, check out MyGift’s Modern Minimalist Planter. The sleek, rectangular design and simple drainage tray allows this planter to do its job without any fuss. It puts the emphasis on the plants rather than the box.

Perfect for a few succulents or mini-plants, it’s also available in several colors to work with any décor. It’s probably not deep enough for full-size herbs, but if you’re looking to add just a bit of greenery, this is perfect!

Best Customizable: T4U Hexagon Succulent Pots

A shelf with several small white hexagonal planters with succulents in them

Ever wanted to customize your indoor garden arrangement like you can outside? If so, these T4U Hexagon Succulent Pots are the perfect solution! Instead of a single planter that holds several plants, these individual hexagonal pots are designed to break apart. This allows you to arrange them however you want and create a totally unique indoor “garden.”

The pots are available in sets of 2, 4, 6, or 12.

Each beautiful white ceramic pot has a bamboo drainage tray that’s just the right size for small succulents, cacti, or flowering plants. You can keep them separate, display them individually, or you arrange them any way you want. You can even stack empty pots under the others to create more height!

This unconventional set is perfect for anyone who wants a little more freedom when creating their indoor garden.

Best Customizable

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