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Stay Warm on Cool Spring Nights with These 8 Bedroom Upgrades

A white comforter, navy curtains, and white fluffy rug.

Spring might be just around the corner, but during this transitional time, cold nights are not a rare occurrence. These eight upgrades will ensure your bedroom stays warm until the temperatures start rising.

There are a multitude of ways you can increase your comfort in the bedroom, especially when it comes to the temperature! From heaters and thicker curtains to fuzzy rugs, these items will keep you comfy ‘n cozy until spring.

A Thick Comforter

White quilted comforter on a bed.

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, bedding is extremely important, and that’s where a warm, cozy, plush comforter comes in. It’s the perfect thing to keep you warm through all those cool spring nights.

This quilted, fluffy comforter from Ilavande is just what the doctor ordered, as it’s made of soft microfiber and ultra-plush polyester for maximum comfort. It’s also lightweight and easy to wash, so you don’t have to worry about taking it to the cleaners. It comes in black and white, as well as three different sizes (Twin, Queen and, King).

Cozy Fleece Sheets

Great Bay Home Ivory Sheets on a bed and a set folded and stacked.
Great Bay Home

Another important bedding layer comes in the form of plush, soft sheets that will keep you warm no matter which side of the bed you roll on to during the night. This set from Great Bay Home Store is made of thick, soft, extra-breathable fleece material. It includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

The set is available in five sizes (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King) and eight beautiful solid colors to match your bedroom. They also have deep pockets, so they’ll easily fit even the deepest mattresses. They’re also easy to wash and care for.

A Big, Fluffy Blanket

Thick blue blanket on a white bed.
Longhui Bedding

If you’re not a fan of plush comforters, this thick, soft, and fluffy blanket from Longhui is definitely for you. Made of microfiber, soft cotton, and premium polyester fleece, it’ll keep you cozy and warm through the final days of winter and well into spring.

It comes in two sizes—Twin and Queen—and two different colors. It’s also machine washable and super easy to care for. And you don’t have to keep it in the bedroom—take it to the sofa with you to stay cozy while you binge your favorite show!

An Electric Throw Blanket

Woman sleeping under a grey, fluffy, heated blanket .

For those extra-cold nights when a simple blanket won’t cut it, this electric option from MaxKare will get the job done! Soft, fluffy, and seriously cozy, you’ll love the ultimate comfort it provides. Certified by ETL, the heating wires are uniquely placed for better distribution. It also has an overheat protection system to meet top safety and quality measures.

You can easily control the four different heating levels with just one button. It will reach your desired warmth within five minutes. The blanket also has a 10-hour auto-off safety feature, so you never have to worry about forgetting to turn it off.

It measures 72 x 84 inches, so it will fit even the biggest beds.

Climate Control for Your Bed

The BedJet 3 Climate Comfort machine hooked up to a bed.

Take control of your bed’s temperature in a whole new way with the BedJet 3. This on-demand cooling and warming climate control hub will help you improve your sleep quality. It’s perfect for both those who need seven layers of bedding to stay warm and those who sweat nonstop at night.

The BedJet 3 comes equipped with a Biorhythm sleep technology that enables automated smart temperature control. This means you can program different temperature settings for every hour of the night.

Additionally, BedJet offers compatible sheets specially designed for the BedJet system, so you can get the best possible experience.

A Space Heater

Electric space heater.

If your bedroom always feels a bit cold before you get under the covers, try warming it up half an hour before and prepare your environment for a good night’s sleep. This portable, electric space heater is ceramic, provides two heat levels, and can heat a room that’s up to 200 square feet.

It has a thermostat, so it’s easy to use and control. It’s also compact and lightweight, so it’s easy to move from room to room. The flame-retardant materials along with the automatic safety shutoff system in case of overheating make it a smart and safe buy.

A Fluffy Rug

The white fluffy Merelax rug in a bedroom and living room.

Chances are you often walk around your bedroom barefoot or only in socks. A soft, fluffy rug will not only feel good on your feet, but it’ll also keep them warmer if you have hard surface flooring. This shaggy rug from Merelax ticks all the boxes.

It’s large, comes in a plethora of gorgeous colors, and is made out of the softest microfiber. You’ll feel like you’re walking on plush clouds. Once you try it out, you might even decide to add another one in the living room.

Thermal Curtains

NICETOWN gray and navy thermal curtains in two different rooms.

Another part of the bedroom that’s often overlooked when it comes to warmth is the curtains. This thick, thermal set from NICETOWN is noise-reducing, light-impeding, temperature-insulating, and really easy to hang. They’re also available in tons of colors and sizes to match any décor or window size.

The rave reviews on Amazon speak for themselves.

Keep your bedroom warm and cozy until the weather warms up for good with these easy upgrades! You’ll enjoy climbing under those soft, warm covers every single night.

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