From International Treats to Ingredients, These Online Grocers Have It All

Examples of food you can get from online international grocers like oils, variety kits, and bubble tea kits.
Eataly/La Tienda/Yamibuy

Whether you’ve traveled extensively around the world or just to your neighborhood ramen shop, odds are there’s at least one foreign food you dream about daily. Here’s how to get that food delivered right to your door.

Maybe it’s dan dan noodles you tried in China, chorizo tacos you had on a road trip through southern California, or the olive oil you tried in Italy that you could have drunk straight from the bottle. Whether the treat was part of a Middle Eastern dish or an East Asian dish, you’re sure to be able to find it online.

And if all the extra time in the kitchen lately has given you the confidence to attempt to make your favorite dish at home, this post is for you. It can be hard to find obscure foreign ingredients even in large cities, so we’ve rounded up the best places to find international groceries online. It’s always worth starting with your local Asian grocery store or Turkish bakery first because the ingredient you need might be right down the street, but hit up these websites if you still can’t find what you need. Let’s get shopping!

Italy: Eataly


From mouth-watering pasta to fantastic wine, there’s a lot to love about Italian food. Make your own Insta-worthy meals at home with groceries from Eataly. This company was founded in Turin, Italy after the owner wanted easier access to high-quality Italian ingredients. It now has 35 locations all over the world.

You can find a long list of pantry staples like pasta, olives, canned tomatoes, among others. They carry fresh and cured meats, as well as several cheese board options. There’s even an entire section of their online store dedicated to olive oil. Whatever Italian product you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

India: Khana Pakana

Khana Pakana

India’s food is known for its bold spices and intense flavors in every bite. Head to Khana Pakana to find a large selection of spices like curry powder, garam masala, and ground turmeric. They also carry authentic snacks, canned chutneys, and fragrant basmati rice.

You can even find some other Indian goods like henna, incense, and body oils. The website also has a chat feature where you can ask questions about specific products or recipes.

Spain: La Tienda

La Tienda

Spain is a foodie’s paradise. Head to La Tienda if you’re missing any of this country’s popular foods. You’ll find an excellent olive selection, aged cheeses, and loaves of artisan bread. You can even buy a whole jamón (Spanish ham) to serve at home.

And of course, don’t forget the paella kits to make your favorite restaurant dish in your own kitchen. Their online reviews are full of customers who swear the food takes them right back to Barcelona or Madrid.

Mexico: MexGrocer


Whether you’re searching for the perfect hot sauce or ingredients to make tamales, MexGrocer is the place to visit for Mexican groceries. They a wide variety of sauces, salsas, and spices for any dish you want to cook up. You’ll also find candy, snacks, and cookies. They even carry a selection of fresh foods like corn masa, chorizo, and shredded chicken.

If you don’t have all the tools you need to make your dish, you can even find some cooking utensils like tortilla presses and mortar and pestle sets.

The Middle East: Nouri Brothers

Nouri Brothers

Nouri Brothers started as a physical shopping center that got so popular that they expanded to an online store as well. Here you’ll find traditional ingredients from countries like Iran, Israel, Armenia, Turkey, and more throughout the Middle East.

They carry staples like tahini for hummus and pita bread as well as roasted nuts, pastries, and spice blends. They also have cooking accessories, jewelry, and electronics for sale.

East Asia: Yamibuy


If you’re looking for foods from Japan, Korea, and China, head to Yamibuy. This California-based company is a one-stop-shop for Asian groceries, household goods, and beauty products. The well-established company carries thousands of products to meet your needs whether you’re looking for bubble tea or Korean hair treatments.

You’ll find instant noodles, porridge mixes, and seasonings that are hard to find anywhere else. They also have snacks, sweets, and beverages you’d find in corner markets in Tokyo. Grab a couple of face masks on your way out and you’ll have all the Asian goods you’ll need for a while.

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