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These Products Will Keep Your Baby Cozy on Chilly Walks

baby in carrier, toddler girl in winter coat, baby in stroller
Colugo/One Kid/7 A.M. Enfant

It might be cold, but we’re all sick of being stuck inside. Here are some items that will keep your little one cozy when you need to get out.

In most places, chilly temperatures and the threat of more snowstorms are probably going to hang around for a while longer before spring arrives. The cold temps mean that it’s harder than ever to spend some much-needed time outside, getting fresh air, especially if you’re the parent of a baby or toddler.

Even if you want to get your little one out of the house for a bit, it can feel too tough—you don’t want them to get too cold, so going for a walk seems kind of off-limits. But actually, if you have the right cozy products, it’s not. You can snuggle your baby or toddler in one of the below items, throw on a huge winter coat yourself, and spend at least a little time strolling around. These are also great for traveling and just running errands.

Best Luxury Blanket: 7 A.M. Enfant Blanket

black blanket on stroller
7 A.M. Enfant

Whether your little one is going to be in the car seat or the stroller, you want them to be as warm as possible. This 7 A.M. Enfant Blanket is one of the more popular options out there because it keeps babies (and toddlers) completely covered and snug. It’s made of a super soft anti-pilling micro-fleece or plush lining so that they never get a chill, and has a hood section so that their head is protected too.

A nice feature of this one is that it grows with your baby. You can use the zippered length and width extensions so that it can be used with your tot from 6 months up to 4 years old. It’s adjustable and universal, so it’s easy to use the hook and loop attachments to fit it to any stroller or car seat—it even has a removable anti-slip back panel to eliminate the extra fabric between baby and car seat that makes it safe to use.

The outside is water repellant, and the whole thing is machine washable. It’s super durable and will last forever, so while it is a bit of an investment, you’ll use it for years.

Best Budget Option: J.J. Cole BundleMe

gray and shearling baby blanket
J.J. Cole

For those who don’t want to drop a few hundred on a cozy “bag” for your baby, there’s the J.J. Cole BundleMe, another great option at a much lower price point.

This bunting bag has a plush shearling lining with a super soft exterior that will keep baby nice and warm even when it’s really cold. It’s kind of like a blanket that baby can be zipped into, so they can’t push it off or really move it around. It fits most strollers and car seats, it’s easy to attach, and it has a removable back panel so that it’s safe to use with a car seat.

It’s nice and flexible, and it’s machine washable, so it’s easy to clean. I’ve been using this with my daughter since she was 6 months old, and it’s super cozy—she’s now nearly 2, and she’s just starting to grow out of it a bit, although I think we’ll get some more time out of it. So while it won’t last years and years with one baby, it’s definitely a great way to keep little ones warm.

Best Mittens For Mom or Dad: Colugo The Cozy Mittens

black stroller mittens

This one is for the parents instead of the baby, but hey—you need to stay warm too. The Colugo Cozy Mittens are a really convenient way to keep your fingers and hands from freezing during a walk or when running errands.

These attach to the handle of your stroller with velcro and you can just leave them there, that way you never have to worry about forgetting your gloves or mittens. They’re fully enclosed to keep your hands warm, and they couldn’t be easier to slip your hands in and out of when you need to tend to your baby. I find these to be incredibly lightweight and surprisingly warm. They’re a great stroller accessory.

Best Mittens For Baby: Stonz Mittz

toddler boy in the snow

Your hands need to be warm while pushing a stroller, but your baby’s hands need to be warm while they’re in there. I know my daughter has a habit of pushing her BundleMe or blanket down so that her hands stick out, leaving them super cold in the wind while we walk.

Mittens or gloves are a must, but getting mittens on an infant and keeping them on is generally a pretty frustrating experience. These Stonz Mittz are an excellent solution that your little one will actually not be able to rip off immediately. There’s no thumb hole (which you’d never be able to use anyway), and they have a wide opening that makes it easy to slide tiny hands in there. They go over the arm rather than under the jacket sleeve, which makes them more secure. They also have two adjustable toggles for a custom fit that also grows with your child.

Plus, they’re warm. They’re made with Thinsulate, they’re 100% waterproof, they have a breathable lining, and they feature a wind-resistant nylon shell. Use them for walks, snow days, and everything else.

Best For Car Seats: One Kid The Road Coat Down

two toddler girls in winter coats
One Kid

As you’ll quickly learn, it’s not safe for babies and toddlers to wear puffy winter coats while they’re in their car seats. The puffy material of the coats acts as a layer between baby and the protection of the car seat, making things potentially unsafe. This is why you’ll notice most babies not wearing coats, even in the dead of winter—it’s annoying to take the coat off and on, especially if they spend a lot of time in the seat.

The One Kid Road Coat Down is a solution to that. This water-repellent coat was designed to be safely worn in a car seat while also keeping baby warm and comfortable even when not in the seat. It has a thin front layer that allows the harness to lay flat and snug against the chest and a unique split collar to allow the harness straps to pass to the front and lay flat on the shoulders. The back is highly compressible.

Best Footmuff For Infants: 7 A.M. Le Sac Igloo

black car seat cover
7 A.M. Enfant

Some of the other blankets available aren’t suitable for infants, but this 7 A.M. Le Sac Igloo is the best footmuff for newborns. This is a way to keep them warm if you’re clipping the car seat into the stroller, but it’s also a great solution for wearing coats in a car seat: it completely and safely covers the seat to keep baby warm when you’re going to and from your car.

It fits almost any car seat easily, has an ergonomic hood with a removable, faux-fur trim, an anti-slip back panel to keep it in place for long walks, and a removable back panel for access to the safety harness. It’s also water repellent on the outside, with a soft micro-fleece and cotton lining. And it’s versatile since the removable fleece insert has a cotton lining that works well in warmer months.

Best Hat: GZMM Baby Balaclava

toddler girl in pink balaclava

Another frustrating winter experience is getting your little one to keep their hat on. This GZMM Baby Balaclava not only keeps a baby or toddler nice and warm, but it’s also harder to rip off when they’ve had enough.

What I love about this one is that it covers baby’s lower face and neck as well as the top of their head and their ears. It really keeps everything snuggled up in a warm, cozy material so that they’re protected from all of the elements. And if it gets warm enough where they don’t need full coverage, you can just roll it up so it’s just a hat. The pom-poms on top are an adorable touch.

Baby Girls Boys Winter Hat Scarf Earflap Hood Scarves Skull Caps Pink

This keeps their head, neck, and lower face protected and warm.

Best Carrier Cover: Colugo The Carrier Cozy

black carrier cover

If you prefer to wear baby rather than put them in the stroller, then keeping them warm and protected can feel tough. It can be hard to zip them into your jacket, their own coat might be too bulky and uncomfortable when they’re in a snug carrier, and the carrier itself isn’t enough to keep them warm.

The Colugo Carrier Cozy is a perfect solution. Made of a down-alternative filling, it’s lightweight and still super warm, and it easily attaches to your carrier—sort of like a blanket that won’t fall off. This keeps their arms and feet enclosed in a soft and warm environment, and it doesn’t feel like added baggage for you. You can stick your hands in the pocket, and when it’s not in use, the entire thing can be folded into the pocket for easy storage.

Best Jumpsuit: Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Fleece Footed Jumpsuit

fuzzy white baby jumpsuit

A warm, snuggly outfit like this Carter’s Baby Fleece Footed Jumpsuit is a great way to keep your little one extremely cozy. With a snug hood, a footed bottom, and mitten covers for their hands, this covers almost every inch of your baby.

I recommend sizing up so that you can put this over baby’s clothes if you want to, and so that it’s not too snug. It’s great on its own when the weather isn’t too freezing, but if it’s very cold outside, you’ll still need a blanket. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s adorable.

Best Car Seat Cover: 7 A.M. Enfant Nido Quilted

baby wrapped in blanket
7 A.M. Enfant

The 7 A.M. Enfant Nido Quilted is essentially a large, cuddly blanket that fits safely on a car seat and uses a hook and loop to keep it together so baby can’t throw it off. It’s a bit more versatile than a footmuff, since it’s more adjustable.

This one features an oval cutout in the back for safe and easy access to the car seat harness so there are no added layers. It’s a three-direction wrap that can be used as a pillow, comforter, winter sleeping bag, sleepsuit, and more. It can even double as a play mat when you’re out and about. It’s very soft and has a water repellent outer shell, and it has roomy leg muffs to give them room to grow.

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