TikTok’s Perfect Drink Challenge Offers Major Beverage Inspiration

Someone pouring coffee from a French press into a glass jar full of cream and chocolate syrup to make an iced mocha.

If you love nothing more than a fun social media challenge and a DIY beverage, then TikTok has your number! The Perfect Drink Challenge showcases content creators on the platform making their versions of the perfect drink, and many of the concoctions look really tasty!

Just search #PerfectDrink, and you’ll see folks crafting everything from frothy matcha lattes to delicious-looking iced coffees while a clip of the song “Pierre” by Ryn Weaver plays in the background.

The latter is the challenging part—creators have under one minute to craft their drink, but it turns out plenty of people were up for it! It also appears tons of people are enjoying watching, too; at this writing, the tag has over 221 million views.

Curious what kind of drinks are being made? We’ve included a few of our favorite creations below.

With this copycat Cinnamon Dolce Cold Foam, you can skip that Starbucks line.


Cinnamon dolce cold foam! #cinnamondolce #cinnamondolcesyrup #cinnamon #coldfoam #coldfoamathome #starbucks #starbucksrecipes #fyp #cinnamon #starbies

♬ Pierre - Ryn Weaver

Prefer a frothy Whipped Caramel Iced Coffee? You can have that, too! Things might get a little messy, but that frothy topping is perfection.


most stressful 60 seconds of my life 🥸☕️🌞 #coffee #makecoffeewithme #fyp #ItWasntMe #TurboTaxLivePick6

♬ Pierre - Ryn Weaver

Maybe a Strawberry Matcha Latte is more your speed. Who needs coffee when you can make one of these? Sure, it takes some work to blend everything, but the results will be worth it.


Strawberry Matcha latte w/ strawberry cold foam🍓🍵 #matcha #latte #fyp #homecafe

♬ Pierre - Ryn Weaver

If you decide to try one of the iced coffee recipes, be sure to check out this hack to prevent it from being too watered down.

[Via Elite Daily]

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