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Sculptural Candles Are the Latest Quirky Décor Trend

A tri-fold image of a sculptural pillar candle, a Venus statue candle, and a blue bubble cube candle.

Looking for an affordable, fun way to liven up your home decor? Sculptural candles are the accessible new trend you never knew you needed!

Sure, tealights and pillar candles will always have their place. But these new art-inspired candles have taken over home trends lately: They offer a quirky-yet-classy look that works in any space.

Without spending a lot, sculptural candles can easily brighten up any shelf, table, or corner of your home. Plus, they’re a low-commitment way to experiment with new decor: If you get tired of one, just burn it and try another!

Get started with one of these pretty options—there’s something here for every decorating style.

Tiered Taper

A set of sculptural botanical candles.

If you want a lowkey way to try out this trend, a tiered taper candle is a great place to start. The tiered style offers a little extra boost to the natural drama of a taper candle for a statement-making look in any room.

These candles are brightly colored, but because the shape is fairly simple, they’re easy to decorate with and will look good with nearly any candle holder. As an added bonus, this set of two tapers also comes with a dried botanical bundle to treat your senses.

Bubble Taper

Side-by-side images of cream-colored bubble taper candles.
Urban Outfitters

This stacked bubble design is another fun take on the taper candle style. The natural beeswax color goes well with decor in every shade, making this a subtle easy upgrade for your home. Pair them with simple candle holders to let the geometric shape really stand out. This set makes a great option if you have minimalist taste but still want to get in on the sculptural candle trend!

Bubble Cube

Four pastel-colored bubble cube candles on a table.

Bubble cube candles seem to have taken over Instagram lately, and it’s easy to see why: They’re cute, fun, and make for great photos. This is definitely the type of candle you’ll want to show off for a while before burning it.

WickandWaxWorks lets you choose from a long list of scents to customize yours, as well as different colors ranging from pastels to brights. Try displaying one on your bedside table or anywhere else you want some calming yet playful vibes.

Sculptural Pillar

A peach, blue, and mint pillar candle on a blank background.

Want something that looks a little more dramatic? HAY’s colorful, bold pillar candles make a stunning statement, whether you display one alone or a few clustered together. With an array of sizes and color combinations, these are a great way to express your unique taste. Dinner by candlelight never looked so interesting.


Side-by-side images of bright-colored squiggle candles next to decor objects on a table.

If you love a quirky look, a squiggle candle—or three—in your favorite color will bring fun style to your home. They look good alone, but displaying a few together definitely makes a statement!

YuiBrooklyn offers four different squiggly, wavy, and geometric designs, plus the option to customize both scent and color. While you might not want to burn these pretty candles right away, they’ll deliver a lovely dose of fragrance and color to any room until you do.


Side-by-side images of multiple twisted candles in bright colors.

Want to get even weirder (in a good way!) with your sculptural candle decor? Try one of these swirly twisted candles. The bold colors and clean lines really let the unique shapes stand out: perfect for lovers of modern art and photogenic displays.

OhFilly’s candles come in a variety of twisty options, from a simple single curl to a whole knot. Mix and match a few colors and styles for a creative and affordable style boost.

Twist Duo

Side-by-side images of a red and white twist duo candle.
Urban Outfitters

This cool candle duo offers a different take on the twisted trend. It looks like an ordinary pair of taper candles, but they’re connected with a twisty base, turning the pair into an art piece. The red-and-white striped design adds a colorful touch to make the bold style even bolder. And with an impressive 30-hour burn time, this set will light up plenty of nights at home.


A white seashell candle on a table next to a vase of dried plants.

Prefer a nature-inspired touch? A seashell-shaped candle brings a peaceful, beachy feeling anywhere you display it.

The seashell shape in neutral white gives a subtle look that’s easy to play with when you feel like redecorating. Cluster one with a few other decorative candles, or display it alongside plants, flowers, or other natural items. You can choose from a handful of fun scents for these pretty little candles, which are made to order and hand-poured.


Side-by-side images of a white Venus statue candle.

Too pretty to burn? Maybe—but this Venus sculpture candle will look great while you try to make up your mind. Besides, these candles are primarily made to be decor objects, not sources of light. Sure, they burn like regular candles, but the main purpose is to bring an artistic touch to your home.

With that in mind, they’re made with extra fragrance, so they’ll make a room smell amazing even when unlit. Put your pretty statue on display and enjoy the floral, coconut, and peach scent!


Side-by-side images of a white geometric candle in a glass holder.

If you’re still not quite sure about this trend, this soy candle offers just a hint of sculptural design so you can easily try it out. The geometric shape of the candle suspended in a glass holder looks beautiful, but won’t overpower your other decor.

As an added bonus, the included glass holder means you won’t need to buy a separate candle holder or tray. Even better, this candle has a lovely, earthy scent of sage and cedarwood to subtly fragrance your home.

Home decor is fun, but can also be expensive, and each new item often feels like a big commitment. With decorative candles, though, you can give an affordable, low-commitment upgrade to various parts of your home anytime you want. Display these statement-making candles for as long as you like, then light them up when you’re ready for another change!

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