Popeyes’ Taco Tuesday Chicken Sandwich Hack Has Suspicious Timing

A Popeyes employee demonstrating how to fold a Popeyes chicken sandwich into a taco.

Another day, another skirmish in the fast-food chicken sandwich wars, and Popeyes refuses to surrender. The Louisiana Kitchen is spotlighting its chicken sandwich taco hack, and we think we know why.

If a chicken sandwich taco sounds familiar, that might be because Taco Bell announced one on Feb. 22. That new menu item, featuring a fried jalapeño buttermilk piece of chicken, a puffy bread shell, and chipotle sauce, isn’t yet available nationwide. Clearly, though, it signals Taco Bell’s entrance into the ongoing battle of the poultry.

As the joint that started the whole conflict, Popeyes seems to have noticed. In an official TikTok video posted to the brand’s account, an employee shows you how to turn the chain’s famously delicious chicken sandwich into a taco.

After you purchase the sandwich, just take the chicken out, then rub the two buns together to spread the sauce. Next, tear the chicken in half, fold each bun into the shape of a taco, insert the chicken, garnish with the pickles, and voilà! You’ve got a chicken taco sandwich.


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While Popeyes hasn’t directly said the Taco Tuesday post was in response to Taco Bell’s new launch, the timing is a bit suspicious. Will McDonald’s or KFC follow suit and craft their own chicken tacos?

We’ll have to wait and see, but at least there will be even more delicious fried chicken to enjoy while we wait.

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