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Bring the ’90s Back with These 5 Stylish Fanny Packs

A woman wearing the Rebecca Fanny Pack, the red Badiya waist bag sitting on a table, and a woman running while wearing the Engyen fanny pack.

Yes, believe it or not, fanny packs have been creeping back into fashion over the last year or so. While you might think this garish accessory isn’t for you, fanny packs do offer some benefits when it comes to travel, exercise, and more. Plus, the modern versions are far more stylish.

There are fanny packs for both men and women, and even major designers have put them on the runway. There are also many different styles, so you’re sure to find a fanny pack below that suits your needs and personality.

When Would I Ever Need a Fanny Pack?

There are lots of benefits to carrying your necessities in a pack around your waist. For ladies, it means there’s no purse constantly slipping off your shoulder. For guys, it provides a way to carry your wallet, keys, and phone when you don’t have pockets, like when wearing running shorts.

Below are just a few of the occasions when a fanny pack would come in handy:

  • While jogging or running: You’ll have a safe place to store your keys, phone, and whatever else you might need while you exercise.
  • While traveling:  A fanny pack is a little harder for thieves to snag than a wallet or purse. That’s exactly why it’s been a popular traveling companion for tourists for decades.
  • When you don’t want to carry a purse or bag: There are times when you don’t need or want to lug around an entire backpack or purse full of stuff. A fanny pack allows you to carry only the necessities.
  • While shopping: If you’re already loaded down with shopping bags, a fanny pack is more convenient than yet another bag to carry.
  • At a yard sale or other events: There’s no need for a bulky cash box when you have a fanny pack to hold your money. Plus, no one can walk off with it.

Of course, there are many other reasons you might want to wear a fanny pack. Maybe it matches your outfit perfectly, or you don’t want to risk breaking your phone by keeping it in your back pocket.

There’s also a fanny pack out there for every occasion. You’ll find some fun flashback designs that will have you thinking it’s the ’90s again. But there are also modern designs if you want something more functional or stylish. Below are some of our favorites!

Best for Fitness: Filoto Running Belt

The Filoto Running Belt holding a phone, Snickers bar, credit card, and lotion, and woman in workout clothes wearing it.

If you’re a sports or workout enthusiast and want a fanny pack to hold your keys, ID, and phone while you’re running or jogging, the Filoto Running Belt is perfect! It isn’t too bulky, and gives you just need enough room for the important stuff. The waist is adjustable from 32-45 inches for a secure fit.

Not only will you have enough space to stash your essentials while you run, but it also has a reflective strip for added safety if you regularly run at dusk or at night. There’s also a hole for earbuds so you can listen to music while your phone is safely inside.

Best for Fitness

Best for Fashionistas: Badiyah Women’s Mini Waist Bag

A stylish woman wearing the red Badiyah Waist bag and the red waist bag lying on a table next to some makeup tubes and a stack of books.

This crocodile leather waist bag from Badiyah is a more stylish option. It’s available in over a dozen colors, so you can get one to go with every outfit. Measuring just 7.2 x 2 x 4.7 inches, it’s ideal for outdoor events, like music festivals or theme parks, or when traveling. The waist belt will fit up to 35 inches.

This fancy pack also has two separate pockets, so you can keep your phone in one and your keys in the other.

Best for Fashionistas

Best for Men: ZZNICK Leather Fanny Pack

A man wearing the ZZNICK leather fanny pack at the waist and as a crossbody bag.

Even guys can’t go wrong with a basic leather fanny pack. This fanny pack from ZZNICK comes in black or brown and is also available in several different sizes. It also doubles as a crossbody bag if you don’t want to wear it around your waist.

It has six outer pockets, one inner pocket, and the waist is adjustable from 34-48 inches.

Best for Men

Most Elegant: Rebecca Women’s Leather Fanny Pack

Single pocket leather fanny pack in black.
Rebecca US

If you don’t want something bulky and just need a place to stash your phone and face mask, this elegant fanny pack from Rebecca will suit your needs just fine. The leather pack is available in black, camel, or khaki, and the waist measures 41.3 inches.

The simple design features a single pocket for stashing whatever you need, and you can also carry it as a shoulder bag if you prefer.

Best for Travelers: ENGYEN Fanny Pack

A woman wearing the ENGUYEN Fanny Pack at the waist running with a man wearing the pack as a crossbody bag.

If you spend a lot of time traveling, hiking, or running, you might want a fanny pack that offers more space for snacks, a camera, and other necessary items. This sporty pack from ENGYEN is available for both men and women.

It has three main pockets to hold your valuables and one front pocket for smaller items. It even has a dedicated space for your water or other bottled beverage. It’s available in six colors and has an adjustable waist strap (21.5-47 inches). There’s also an extender strap if you want some extra space.

Best for Travelers

Today’s fanny packs are far more fashionable than those you remember from the ’90s. You can still rock that fun vintage look if you want, but there are also some fashionable options that will go with even your most stylish outfits.

If you’re getting a fanny pack because you’ll be traveling at some point this year, be sure to check out these other tips that will keep you and your valuables safe.

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