Try This Hack and Stop Wrestling with That Duvet Cover

A woman rolls her duvet over the top of the duvet cover in order to insert it.
The Folding Lady/TikTok

Those with duvet covers are well acquainted with the wrestling match that usually occurs whenever you have to actually put it over your comforter. But relief is on the way, bed-makers! This TikTok duvet folding hack will help you end the trauma that is duvet washing day.

TikTok content creator, @TheFoldingLady, put this hack to the test. Of course, we certainly trust her judgment, as all of her videos are about folding things. She found that this hack truly does work. It might look complicated, but the desired result is definitely achievable.

First, you turn your duvet cover inside out and spread it over your bed with the opening at the head. Next, put your duvet on top of the cover. Now comes the somewhat complicated part: Start rolling up both the cover and duvet from the bottom, toward the opening at the head.

Using the opening, flip the entirety of the newly formed roll into the cover, roll it out, then button or tie the ends. That’s it! You now have a made bed.


Bed changing as seen by me on @ladbible #bed #hack #home #learnontiktok #lifehack

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There are actually multiple clips on TikTok of this hack, and it works every time.

So, practice a few times! Then, next time you wash your duvet cover, you won’t have to dread putting it back on.

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