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Lose the Rules and Eat These Breakfast Dishes for Dinner

A stack of Japanese Soufflé pancakes, a Croque Madame sandwich, and a stack of Belgian waffles.
Kirbie’s Cravings/Delish/The Salty Marshmallow

Making breakfast for dinner is the perfect solution when you don’t feel like cooking an elaborate meal. Plus, you probably already have a lot of the necessary ingredients. From homemade hollandaise sauce to trendy Japanese soufflé pancakes, you’re sure to love devouring these breakfast-for-dinner dishes.

If you’ve never had breakfast for dinner, well, you’re just plain missing out! Forget about the calories and make one of these delicious easy recipes for yourself, a loved one, or the whole family this evening!

Traditional Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict one a plate with a fork and hollandaise sauce being drizzled on top.
Tastes Better from Scratch

Hot poached eggs over a briny slice of Canadian bacon and a toasted English muffin, with just the right amount of velvety hollandaise sauce, equals a breakfast made in heaven. If you love Eggs Benedict, then learning how to make them yourself is a must.

We love how this recipe takes you through all the steps (with images) and teaches you the basics of poaching an egg and making a homemade hollandaise sauce. If you aren’t a fan of Canadian bacon, you can sub corned beef hash or crispy fried bacon.

Get the Recipe: Tastes Better from Scratch

Sweet or Savory Crêpes

Three crêpes topped with sugar on a plate next to a coffee mug.
Food Network

With a quick blend of ingredients (eggs, milk, flour, and a few more), you can create a perfectly smooth crêpe batter. Let it chill in the fridge for a few hours, then get to making yourself a lovely dinner.

There are so many ways to turn your crêpes into a sweet or savory variation. We love making a few savories with eggs and sautéed mushrooms, then enjoying a few of the sweet version for dessert.

And if you’re confused about the difference between crêpes and pancakes, we can clear that up for you.

Get the Recipe: Food Network

Full Irish Breakfast

A full Irish breakfast, with fried eggs, baked beans, sausage, bacon, black pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes, and hash browns.
Happy Foods Tube

This recipe is more elaborate, but eating a full Irish breakfast is basically a right of passage if you plan to spend any time in the U.K. or Ireland. Packed with fried eggs, baked beans, breakfast sausage, bacon, hash browns (*deep breath*), black pudding, sautéed mushrooms, toast, and tomatoes, this is one filling dish.

Feel free to turn this into a family feast by serving everything on a large sheet pan so everyone can dig in. Don’t let the black pudding (a.k.a. blood sausage) scare you off—it’s delicious.

Get the Recipe: Happy Foods Tube

Breakfast Pizza

A sheet pan of breakfast pizza topped with scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese.
Farm Wife Cooks

Breakfast pizza is a delicious mashup of two fan favorites! It’s also super versatile—just like a regular pizza, you can choose the toppings you and your family prefer. Bacon, ham, corned beef hash? You name it!

It’s just as delicious when combined with egg scrambles and cheese.

Get the Recipe: Farm Wife Cooks

Easy Breakfast Skillet

A breakfast skillet full of hash-brown casserole with melted cheddar.
Tastes Better from Scratch

Breakfast skillets are simple to whip up, boast delicious results, and are so versatile. You can add any breakfast food you like.

For a vegetarian skillet, just leave out the bacon and sausage and substitute sautéed mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions.

Get the Recipe: Tastes Better From Scratch

Japanese Soufflé Pancakes

Syrup being drizzled on a stack of Japanese Soufflé Pancakes and four of them next to some berries and a pitcher of syrup.
Kirbie’s Cravings

Japanese soufflé pancakes are all the rage these days. They have an incredibly light texture thanks to the meringue (stiffly beaten egg whites) you use in the batter to get the perfect fluff factor.

This recipe has two variations, depending on the flavor you want. Serve these with some maple syrup, dusted powdered sugar, Nutella, or fresh berries and whipped cream.

Get the Recipe: Kirbie’s Cravings

Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole

All the hash-brown breakfast casserole ingredients in a baking dish, ready to be mixed and placed in the oven.
Spend with Pennies

There’s no better way to feed a crowd than with a savory breakfast casserole, featuring crispy hash browns. This layered meal features eggs, diced peppers and onions, breakfast sausage, and shredded hash browns topped with cheddar.

After you assemble all the ingredients, your oven takes care of the rest.

Get the Recipe: Spend with Pennies

Croque Monsieur (or Madame)

A Croque Madame sandwich topped with broiled béchamel sauce and a fried egg.

The Croque Monsieur sandwich is the Parisian rendition of that comforting grilled cheese sandwich we all love. It features ham and Gruyère cheese on the inside and broiled béchamel sauce on top.

You can take it to the next level by adding a fried egg on top (that’s what makes it a Croque Madame). It’s the ultimate French treat, and you’ll definitely feel fancy eating it.

Get the Recipe: Delish

Healthy Breakfast Tacos

Two tortillas lying flat with scrambled eggs, fresh salsa, cilantro, and sliced avocados on them.
Love and Lemons

You’ve likely stumbled upon breakfast burritos and maybe even quesadillas, but tacos? Well, here’s your chance to savor this fresh flavorful take on breakfast-for-dinner.

Homemade salsa, fresh leafy greens, and scrambled eggs are all enveloped in warm tortillas. These little guys are packed with flavor. You can finish them off just right with some shredded cheese and sliced avocado.

Get the Recipe: Love and Lemons

Belgian Waffle Bar

A stack of Belgian waffles with fresh strawberries on top that's been half eaten, next to a fresh, full stack.
The Salty Marshmallow

Some of us have a slight obsession with waffles. I mean, how can you resist these fluffy stacks of joy? Especially when they’re topped with grade A maple syrup and fresh berries! Or, how about some homemade caramel drizzle, sliced bananas, and walnuts?

You get the picture. Be sure to whip these up fresh and offer plenty of toppings buffet style, so your fam can get creative.

Get the Recipe: The Salty Marshmallow

Pancake Bar

One stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes with butter and syrup on top, and one topped with just a pat of butter.
Mom on Timeout

If pancakes are more your thing, then be sure to make plenty and serve them with all the toppings you love. Fresh straw- and blueberries, some Nutella, and maple cinnamon whipped cream are just a few of the toppings you might want to include on your pancake bar.

These fluffy stacks are the perfect dessert (er, breakfast) to have for supper.

Get the Recipe: Mom on Timeout

Ready for a break from Meatless Monday or Taco Tuesday? Have breakfast for dinner the rest of the week! You can always whip up something super quick and healthy for your actual breakfast to counterbalance all the syrup and whipped cream.

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