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Wear Your Fandom on Your Face with a Pop Culture Makeup Kit

A Disney Princess eyeshadow palette, a Mary Poppins makeup kit, a Baby Yoda eyeshadow palette
ColourPop/Bésame Cosmetics

If you’ve ever been inspired by the color scheme of a favorite TV show or movie, you’re gonna love this! Makeup companies have started creating palettes based on famous films and shows.

From animated favorites to classic franchises, pop culture is increasingly inspiring cosmetic collections. In many cases, these come in the form of makeup palettes (often eyeshadows) that feature the same colors as the movie or show. However, some collections go the extra mile and include blushes, lipsticks, and more.

Whether you want to experiment with something vivid and bold, or you’re intrigued by themed neutrals, these pop culture-inspired kits will make your makeup routine a ton of fun!

HipDot SpongeBob Bikini Bottom Eye Palette

An open makeup palette with a rainbow of eyeshadows and a small mirror, next to a few pineapple slices

From a pineapple under the sea to your vanity, the HipDot SpongeBob Bikini Bottom Eye Palette brings the bright colors of the iconic cartoon to a beautiful, vivid makeup palette. The eyeshadow palette features a rainbow of fifteen different colors, ranging from pale neutrals for everyday to bold colors that embrace the cartoon’s under-the-sea color scheme.

The palette also features a combination of matte and shimmer colors, so makeup lovers can experiment with bold looks and creative coloring. All of the eyeshadows are carefully formulated to be cruelty free and vegan, as well as free from talc, parabens, pthalates, and mineral oils.

Bésame Cosmetics Mary Poppins Set

A kit of makeup with compacts and lipsticks against a Mary Poppins artwork
Bésame Cosmetics

The Bésame Cosmetics Mary Poppins Set is the most practically perfect makeup set you’ll ever find! It’s a three-piece kit with classic retro vibes: a translucent setting powder, a lip and cheek cream rouge, and a rich red lipstick.

The specific shades of red are based on the makeup look for Mary Poppins in the iconic movie, including her classic red lipstick. For a style that’s stunningly retro and beautifully timeless, it’s just the right combination. (As a bonus, there’s a sister kit styled after the lighter color palette of Mrs. Banks!)

It’s not just the cosmetics themselves that are detailed and beautifully made, though! Each piece also features an exterior design that evokes details from the movie: The powder compact is designed to resemble Mary Poppins’s compact, while the lipstick tube features a very familiar floral design. Plus, every kit comes with a bonus tote bag featuring silhouettes of the movie characters.

Uoma Beauty Royal Heir-itage Color Palette

An open eyeshadow palette with ten purple, pink, and gold shadows
Uoma Beauty

Inspired by the sequel Coming 2 America, the Uoma Beauty Royal Heir-itage Color Palette is just one of several products in a limited edition “Black Magic” collection. Each of the 10 beautiful colors in this palette—five shimmer and five matte—is inspired by, and named for, an ancient kingdom of Africa.

The pigments go on smooth and stay put, for a long-wear vivid look. The collection as a whole pays tribute to the rich diversity and history of Africa. Other products include two mini shadow palettes with bright colors, three lipsticks, a highlighter, and an eyeliner.

Founder, Sharon Chuter, wrote on the collection’s homepage that she wanted to “take everyone on a journey to the magical world of Africa and the untold stories of royalty, courage, opulence, resilience, pride, and heritage.”

ColourPop Disney Midnight Masquerade Shadow Palette

An open eyeshadow palette featuring fifteen color rounds, with Disney princess artwork on the open lid

The elegance of Disney princesses comes to life with the ColourPop Disney Midnight Masquerade Eye Palette. Fifteen unique colors, from shimmering neutrals to jewel tones that pop, are inspired by eight different Disney movies and their characters.

The palette includes three different types of pressed shadow: powder, pigment, and glitter. The pressed powder shadow is long-wearing, soft, and smooth. The pressed pigment is a more intense, vibrant, creamy formula. Finally, the pressed glitter is also long-wearing, but it adds some shimmer and sparkle.

If you love the colors of this palette, it’s just one of several pieces in the company’s “Midnight Masquerade” collection. You can also find coordinating highlighter, blush, and liquid lipsticks to coordinate with the shadows!

ColourPop “The Child” Eye Palette

A nine-color eyeshadow palette in greens and golds, surrounded by images of Baby Yoda and piles of eyeshadow powder

The adorable creation from The Mandalorian was the inspiration for ColourPop’s “the child” Eye Palette. Yep, it’s a Baby Yoda eyeshadow palette! It’s a relatively neutral palette, filled with shades of olive green, tan, and gold. Create an everyday look with some of the brown-hued colors, or add a pop of color with one of the greens.

Like most ColourPop palettes, this nine-color palette features a blend of matte, shimmer, and glitter colors, giving options for every occasion. Cruelty-free and vegan, it’s a “greener” way to celebrate everyone’s favorite little green alien!

ColourPop Animal Crossing Full Collection Set

The ColourPop "Animal Crossing" Makeup Collection.

The video game sensation is now the basis for a broad collection of makeup at ColourPop! If you can’t choose between the different color families, the ColourPop Animal Crossing Full Collection is for you.

The kit includes four separate eyeshadow palettes inspired by four characters in shades of pink, purple, peach, and teal. There are also six mini lip tints, two blush compacts, a special eyeshadow, and a gold glitter gel.

The collection offers a pretty wide range of colors and products, allowing you to create any look you want, from a pretty everyday style to a bold colorful look that grabs attention.

Thanks to the different colors available in the kit, it’s also well-suited to accent most skin tones and eye colors—truly versatile and just a lot of fun to experiment with! Each individual palette also comes as its own mini kit, if you’re just looking for one or two.

Hot Topic Lilo & Stitch Space Pop Eyeshadow Palette

A twelve-section eyeshadow palette in neutrals, blues, and purples
Hot Topic

To be fair, the Disney animated movie about a Hawaiian family and a mischievous genetically engineered quasi-alien creature doesn’t seem like natural inspiration for a makeup line. But the Hot Topic Lilo & Stitch Space Pop Eyeshadow Palette would argue otherwise.

The 12-color palette features matte and shimmer shadows in shades of brown, silver, blue, and purple, combining appealing neutrals with pops of vivid color.

Each palette, containing cruelty-free eyeshadows, also features an adorable branded case with a cartoon of Stitch on the lid. With the cool color palette, this kit is particularly good for anyone with brown or gray eyes!

Hot Topic The Aristocats Marie Eyeshadow Palette

An eyeshadow palette with twelve small rectangles of pink, red, orange, and taupe eyeshadows
Hot Topic

The warm and neutral tones of Hot Topic’s The Aristocats Marie Eyeshadow Palette are the perfect combination of bright colors and easy-to-use everyday tones. With a total of twelve shades, in both matte and shimmer finishes, the palette has all the colors you need to create a soft and subtle look or stand out with bold, vivid pigments.

The whole palette comes in a cute pink case, and the names of the pigments (“I’m a Lady” and “Start Fights”) are perfect throwbacks to the animated character who inspired it. Blue, green, and hazel eyes will particularly pop with the warm reds, oranges, and pinks included here.

Storybook Cosmetics Mean Girls Burn Book Palette

A pink makeup palette with "Burn Book" on the front; the same palette, open, showing a rainbow of colored eyeshadows
Storybook Cosmetics

“Fetch” is never going to happen, but the Storybook Cosmetics Mean Girls Burn Book Palette definitely is! Unlike some palettes, which stick to a single color family, this eyeshadow palette has something for everyone, from warm reds and golds to vivid greens and teal to a few neutrals.

Each cruelty-free eyeshadow also features a funny name based on a famous quote from the movie, including a brown named “Glen Coco,” a silver for “October 3rd,” and, of course, a magenta pink for “Wednesday.”

The palette includes a mix of finishes, including matte, pearl, and shimmer, so you can experiment with bolder looks or put together a subtler combination. It’s all packaged together in a hot pink case styled to look like the famous “Burn Book.” It’s very grool.

SolaLook Dirty Dancing: Forever Baby Palette

A pink eyeshadow palette with a rainbow of round eyeshadow pots and a pink lip gloss tube

Nobody puts this palette in the corner! The SolaLook Dirty Dancing: Forever Baby Palette features a rainbow of 12 eyeshadows, in both matte and shimmer finishes. And, of course, it includes a beautiful, pale pink lip gloss that evokes Baby’s famous pink dress in the movie.

The whole palette is cruelty-free, and even the packaging has a retro, ’80s vibe. It’s a VHS-style rectangle, with the movie poster on one side and a picture of Johnny and Baby on the other. For bold colors and fun style, it just can’t be beat!

Storybook Cosmetics Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Palette

A "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" cover, opening to show a multicolored eyeshadow palette
Storybook Cosmetics

As sweet and vibrant as Willy Wonka’s factory, the Storybook Cosmetics Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Palette is like a candy store for makeup fiends! The palette features twelve individual eyeshadows with playful names like “Everlasting Gobstopper,” “Fizzy Lifting Drink,” and “Golden Ticket.”

Even the design of the palette evokes the classic novel and movie, with artwork of Willy Wonka and Charlie on the front and a slight chocolate scent when you open the palette.

The palette does include the vivid candy-colored bright pigments you might expect, but there’s also a surprising number of more neutral tones, so you can create looks for any style, occasion, or mood. Plus, there’s a feel-good twist: The palette is an official collaboration with the Roald Dahl Literary Estate, and a portion of the proceeds go to their charity partners.

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