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This Is America’s Favorite Grocery Store Cookie

The cookie aisle at a grocery store.
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If you love baking and the smell of fresh cookies wafting through your home, the premade kind might not be on your grocery list. For those who prefer instant gratification with no cleanup, though, you might want to pick up a pack of Amerca’s favorite cookie this week!

One special treat just took the top prize for cookies at the 2021 Product of the Year Awards, the largest annual contest for products. Consumers vote on everything from yogurt to fabric softener, then the products that get the most votes win.

So when it comes to the country’s favorite cookie, are you thinking Oreo or Famous Amos? Those are both good guesses, but it was actually Keebler Chips Deluxe Original Cookies that took home the prize. Around 40,000 shoppers participated in the annual survey, and apparently, if you want a cookie right this very moment, Keebler is the way to go.

Customers didn’t really say why the Chips Deluxe was their favorite. Of course, it could be because these cookies are ultra-thick with more room for chocolate chips than other brands. Or, it could also be because those Keebler Elves are just so darn cute!

Available at most major grocery stores nationwide and online, you can get a pack of these award-winners just about anywhere. You can also use Keebler’s product finder to track down the closest pack near you.

Curious about the winners in other categories? You can check out the all the winner’s and add them all to your grocery list.

[Via Eat This, Not That!]

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