Stop the Waterworks with This Onion Hack

A ceramic cookie jar of a gnome crying next to a cutting board where someone is slicing onions with a knife.

From sides like guacamole to the sautéed toppings on steaks, onions are a common ingredient in a multitude of recipes. They taste fantastic, but you might often cry when you slice and dice them. Thankfully, someone’s discovered a hack that could help you say goodbye to onion tears once and for all!

Over on TikTok, @cerealeatingghost uploaded a handy video with the deets on why you cry when you chop onions and how to prevent it. According to the video, the acid in onions is drawn to a water source, and therefore, your tear ducts.

To put it a bit more scientifically, chopping onions creates a chemical compound called syn-Propanethial S-oxide that floats up to your eyes and irritates them, causing you to cry.

According to @cerealeatingghost, though, if you dampen a paper towel, fold it up, then place it on your cutting board, you won’t cry. Evidently, this prevents the compound from being drawn to your eyes.


#stitch with @xxbaileyelizabethxx thank you for making me crave lentil soup 🖤

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But does it work? Well, content creators @partyshirt, who are known for testing TikTok hacks, said this one is legit. In their video below, they replay the original, then record themselves trying the hack, with zero tears.


Onion hack? via @cerealeatingghost

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So, this could be yet another TikTok hack that makes life easier in the kitchen. Next time a recipe calls for chopped onions, give it a go!

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