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How to DIY Your Own Sculptural Candles

Sculptural candles in various colors and configuraitons.
Urban Outfitters/Apartment Therapy/Humber General Store

If you’ve been on social media recently, you’ve likely seen those twisty, sculptural candles no one can get enough of. While yes, you can definitely purchase them, turns out, there’s also a way to DIY your own version at home.

Is the DIY approach worth it? In the image above, from left to right, you can see the (now quite famous) Lex Pott Twist Duo candles available at Urban Outfitters, the DIY version of bendy and twisty candles courtesy of Apartment Therapy, and some bendy candles from Humber General Store on Etsy.

Those DIY candles look pretty sharp and while it’s tough to DIY some of the more advanced sculptural candles out there—like bubble cubes and Venusian statues—it’s pretty straightforward to bend and wiggle some taper candles.

So how does it work? To create your own bendy candles, all you’ll need are long taper candles, water, and a baking dish or pitcher.

First, you’ll need to soften the candles by placing them in hot (but not boiling) water—the goal is to soften the wax, not liquify it. You can use a pitcher or pan to do this. Simply fill the container with water, place the candles inside, and allow a stream of hot water to continue to trickle into the container in order to keep the water temperature hot. To check if the candles are ready, run hot water over your hands (to warm them so they don’t cool down the candles) and then try to manipulate the wax. If it works, they’re ready.

Now, you can start molding them into any shape you want. If the candle begins to crack while you’re molding, just place it back in the hot water for a bit so that it can become pliable again. Once you’re satisfied with the shape, press the bottom down on a flat surface to be sure it can remain upright on its own.

Boom, you’re done.

Want step-by-step photos and more tips? Check out the full DIY guide at Apartment Therapy here. Just want some cute candles without the hands-on experimenting? No problem, we’ve rounded up our favorites here.


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