Realtors Love This Front Door Style

Front door surrounded by flowers.
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In addition to landscaping, your front door is one of the first things people see of your home. According to realtors, your door matters just as much as the flowers in the front yard, and one particular style takes the cake.

AJ Olson Whitfield, a realtor with Villa Real Estate, told Apartment Therapy that a home with a Dutch door is a real jackpot! If you’re unfamiliar with the design, these doors split in the middle, allowing the top portion only to be opened. Olson Whitfield also said those with a higher split allow for more privacy, while still giving you the breeziness of the classic design.

Apparently, the color can help you capitalize on this design even more. Last year, the outlet spoke with agents about the best colors for home exteriors. While typical neutrals were preferred for the home itself, Megan Robson, a real estate agent at Sotheby’s, said bolder colors were in for front doors.

“Warm, bright colors are welcoming and will help your house stand out,” Robson said. “Plus, it’ll make your house easier to find, usually.”

Is your door one of the styles real estate agents love? You can check out the full list on Apartment Therapy.

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