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Will Spring Arrive on Time in Your Area This Year?

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In case you hadn’t heard, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Groundhog Day this year, which, to believers, means more winter is on the way. Well, according to AccuWeather’s seasonal forecast, the famous woodchuck could be correct.

AccuWeather released its spring forecasts for all major regions of the United States, and it’s a mixed bag for much of the country. La Niña—the phenomenon that causes the water near the equator to be cooler—will continue to be a major factor. It could also potentially trigger more severe storms, and therefore, more winter.

If you’re curious what that means for you, we’ve broken down the spring forecast for each U.S. region below:

  • Northeast: More storms could be on the way and winter weather will likely continue through much of March (sorry!). However, this region should see the last gasps of winter by early April, followed by milder weather and more typical temperatures.
  • Midwest: Much like the Northeast, with winter temps and snowy conditions could continue through most of March. However, this region didn’t have an extremely frigid season, which can affect spring weather. Temperatures could be up and down, with above-average temps arriving by May. Spring might also be wetter than usual, so there’s a risk of flooding.
  • Southeast: It likely won’t be shocking to hear that the weather will be mild and warm here. While there could be some chilly days, overall, this region should experience its usual weather pattern. Pockets of drought could develop in the Carolinas, but much of the severe weather is expected in the more western portions of this area and into the Central United States.
  • West: Heat and drought are being predicted for spring this year. Temperatures in some areas could reach summer numbers and dryness will dominate the Southwest and much of California. The Pacific Northwest is slated to be wet with a threat of flooding possible.

If you want more details, you can check out the full predictions over on AccuWeather.

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