Starbucks Celebrates 50 Years with New Siren Drinkware Line

The Starbucks Siren logo on a "Drive Thru" sign at sunset.

For those Starbucks regulars who want to share their appreciation for the famous coffee chain, the brand’s spring 2021 drinkware collection is the perfect way to do it! The three new pieces all feature the coffee shop’s famous siren graphic.

Hot on the heels of its announcement about the launch of oat milk nationwide, Starbucks is giving its customers even more. To celebrate its 50th anniversary at the end of March, the 2021 spring drinkware collection includes three new pieces.

The cold cup is covered with the siren’s tail and comes in an iridescent mint green. The mint-hued tumbler features the classic siren logo on the front, while the stainless steel water bottle is completely covered with her image. Whether you order hot coffee every morning or iced tea for lunch, one of these cups will be perfect for you.

The Starbucks cold cup, stainless steel water bottle, and mint tumbler.

Unfortunately, you can’t purchase the new items online; you’ll have to pick them up at your local Starbucks. You can, however, order them directly in the app if your local cafe has them in stock, which you can also check online. Prices top out at $24.95, so all of the reusable cups are affordable.

If you want to celebrate 50 years of Starbucks, the new drinkware is the perfect way to do it.

[Via Elite Daily]

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