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Tidy Up Your Messy Car with These Handy Accessories

Tri-fold of sunglasses holder in car, cell phone holder, and water bottle in car
Superior Essentials/Beam Electronics/BottlePro

Everyone leads a pretty busy life these days, and the last thing anyone has time for is cleaning out their car. Fortunately, these convenient accessories can prevent your vehicle from becoming a pit of despair.

No matter how organized you might be, it probably seems like your car is constantly covered in receipts, clothes, trash, and other random junk.

In addition to being slightly embarrassing if you ever have to give anyone a ride, a disorganized car can also be dangerous. For example, if you have nowhere to secure your phone, you’ll likely have to take your eyes off the road to fish for it if you drop it.

That’s where the accessories below come in—they’ll help you get your car organized and keep it that way.

Seat Gap Filler

Person putting seat gap filler in car seat
Drop Stop

You might recognize this genius device from its debut on the television show Shark Tank. The Drop Stop nestles over your seat buckle and blocks that annoying gap into the abyss where your phone, keys, and snacks always end up falling.

Unlike some other brands, this one fills the entire gap and doesn’t take up any seat space. It will also help you stay safer in the car by eliminating the need to drive with one hand, while fishing for something that fell down. It fits most vehicles and each box comes with two seat fillers.

Sunglasses Holder

Two pairs of sunglasses in car vent
Superior Essentials

Most cars come with a holder to carry a single pair of sunglasses, but it can be hard to access or might not be in your vehicle at all. Whether you have more than one pair of sunglasses to deal with or want an easier way to grab yours, get this sunglasses holder.

This clips onto your sun visor or even into an air vent so you can keep your glasses in the easiest spot to grab while driving. It also holds two pairs firmly in place. There are no buttons or moving parts to deal with when slipping them in and out, which makes it a great option for people on the go.

Trunk Organizer

Both a gray and red car organizer sit in the back of a trunk filled with sports gear
Amazon Basics

Between backpacks, jumper cables, sports gear, and groceries, your car’s trunk is responsible for stashing a lot of stuff. It’s no surprise that all these items can quickly turn into a messy pile of clutter that gets thrown around during every sharp turn on the road.

This trunk organizer keeps everything organized with multiple compartments and mesh pockets. You can choose from several sizes to find the one that fits best in your car for the number of things you have.

Trash Bin

Car trash can hanging from back of seat and filled with soda bottles

Whether you’re a fast-food junkie or going on a long road trip, having a trash can in your car is one of the best ways to cut down on clutter. It will keep your carpet and floor mats clean, keep trash out of sight, and help you stay safe by preventing trash from accidentally getting stuck under for gas or brake pedals.

This one hangs off the back of the seat so it’s easy for everyone in the vehicle to access when they need it. The inner lining is leakproof and easy to clean, or you can fill it with disposable trash bags for easy replacements.

Adjustable Cup Holder

Water bottle in car cup holder

Nothing is more annoying than a large water bottle not fitting into your car’s cup holder. Instead of keeping it securely in place, you’re forced to throw it on the floor or seat where it can roll around for the remainder of the drive.

This cup holder works as an adapter that lets large bottles fit snugly where they’re supposed to. It works best with water bottles between 32 and 40 ounces that have a uniform shape on the bottom.

Glove Box Wallet

Organizing wallet in glove box

Keep your registration, AAA info, and all other important documents in one place with this glove box wallet. It features multiple sleeves inside and a magnetic closure system to ensure everything stays neatly organized.

There’s enough room to keep your car registration, AAA cards, business cards, driver’s license, and other items like receipts or contact information. Choose from five different colors and get one for every member of your family who has a car.

Smartphone Holder

Smartphone holder secured in air vent of a car
Beam Electronics

Along with helping you keep track of your phone, a car smartphone holder keeps you much safer while using a GPS or listening to music. Instead of glancing down to look at directions or change the music, this keeps your phone in your line of sight so you can keep your eyes on the road.

This also keeps your phone from falling on the floor or in between the seat, which can be frustrating and pose a hazard as you try to get it back. Once you use this holder once, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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