This Guy Turned His Basement Into a Video Store

A basement video store with vintage shelves filled with DVD and VHS movies.
The Video Bunker/TikTok

A lot of people worked on home renovation projects in 2020. From creating home office spaces to refreshing landscaping, DIY was big. But turning a basement into a video store might be the most epic project ever!

In the TikTok video below, the wife of said video store creator treats viewers to a walk-through. She explains that when COVID-19 shutdown orders started last year, their town’s local video store closed for good. Her husband was able to claim the shelving and other display items and use them to create an ’80s-themed video store in the basement.


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The shelves are now filled with DVDs and VHS tapes. He also decorated the place with vintage movie posters and other memorabilia, including a life-size E.T. There’s even a candy counter! Beyond that is a viewing room, complete with recliners, vintage video games, and even more films.

If you thought you went a little overboard on the DIY last year, think again!

[Via Nerdist]

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