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Transform Your Backyard into a Fitness Playground with This Gear

Woman using agility ladder on grass, woman carrying sandbag, and kids playing basketball
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If you want to change up your workouts and get some vitamin D, consider getting some new equipment to use outside as the weather gets nicer.

Everyone has felt pretty cooped up for the past year. With the weather getting nicer and a return to normalcy on the horizon, now is the perfect time to get outdoors. Many people have chosen or been required to work out from home due to the pandemic and closure of businesses like gyms and fitness clubs. While it’s possible to get a great workout done inside, doing the same thing over and over can get boring fast.

We’ve compiled a list of equipment best used outdoors. From an agility training set to a slackline kit to a basketball hoop, here are some things that will help you break a sweat outside while having fun.

Agility Ladder Training Set

Woman is using agility ladder on grass.

Agility ladders aren’t just for football players. This type of exercise can help improve your speed, coordination, and balance. It also uses more muscles than running or jogging, which can help you burn more calories during your workout. Plus, it’s a fun way to get moving with your kids if you’re trying to get them outside or just want another way to connect as a family.

This agility ladder training set comes with a ladder, drill cones, and a poster with recommended exercises. Rust-resistant pegs help to secure the ladder in grass or dirt and a carrying bag makes it easy to take to the backyard or local park.

Battle Rope

Woman is using battle ropes inside a gym.
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You’ve probably seen those long heavy-looking ropes at the gym or in sports movies. Battle ropes might seem intimidating, but they’re a great exercise to add to your fitness routine and easy to get a hang of. They burn a ton of calories, help you sculpt your muscles, and boost your upper body’s range of motion.

While you need a certain level of balance and posture to use them correctly, the risk of injury is very low because you’re not participating in a high-impact activity. These can be used inside, but each rope is 30 to 50 feet long, so you would need a large home gym. They’re great for the backyard or driveway where you have a little more space.

Weighted Hula Hoop

A woman using a weighted hula hoop.

If you’re bored with your current fitness routine and want to try something fun, grab a weighted hula hoop and get moving. Weighted hula hoops are a variation of the original version you used as a child. As the name suggests, these are usually heavier. They’re also usually bigger to hold the extra weight and made of soft material, so you don’t bruise your hips.

This exercise provides a great aerobic exercise and strengthens your core muscles in the process. It’s best done outside to avoid knocking over any lamps or valuables indoors. Turn on your favorite dance music and get moving!

Slackline Kit

Man is tightening slackline rope outside.
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Slacklining is the practice of balancing and walking on a 1- or 2-inch-wide strap suspended off the ground between two anchor points. Expert slackliners turn this into a sport and perform jumps, twists, and flips.

It’s no surprise that standing on a 2-inch wobbly rope requires balance, which makes slacklining a great way to improve this skill. Good balance can help you improve your posture and correct your body after being thrown off-balance, which can reduce your risk of falls and injuries. Some other benefits of slacklining include improved lower body strength, core strength, and focus. It’s a great way to socialize, and the entire family can get involved. String this slackline kit between two trees in the backyard and you’ll be good to go.


Woman is carrying green workout sandbag over her shoulders.
Garage Fit

Another piece of equipment you’re probably used to seeing in movies and Crossfit gyms, sandbags are a unique way to spice up your outdoor workout routine. These are essentially large duffle bags filled with sand to the desired weight. Because they are soft and flexible, they are safer to use than dumbbells and won’t cause calluses or cuts.

Sandbags also work your body uniquely compared to traditional weights. As you lift and carry the bag, the sand inside shifts around and forces your muscles to adapt quickly to the change. They’re excellent for building core strength and stability that will carry to other areas of your life. They’re great for throwing around and using outside.

Weighted Jump Rope

Four people are jumping rope outside.

Jumping rope may bring you back to your elementary school days, but it’s an excellent aerobic exercise to add to your regime. If you have low ceilings or a small workout space indoors, it’s an activity best done outside with plenty of room. This exercise has many benefits, including improved coordination, agility, footwork, and endurance.

A weighted jump rope is a more challenging spin on the original that torches more calories and increases muscular control. This jump rope connects with an app to give you hundreds of workout ideas and an online community of workout buddies.

Volleyball Net

Volleyball net, poles, and ball kit on white background

What better way to spend a sunny spring day than playing volleyball with the entire family in the backyard? It’s a sport that gets everyone moving whether you decide to play competitively or not. This volleyball set comes with a net, poles, a volleyball, a ball pump, and boundary lines.

Everything is easy to set up and take down so it doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture in your yard. Have fun together while improving hand-eye coordination, speed, balance, and strength.

Spikeball Kit

Four people playing Spikeball outside.

Spikeball is the most well-known brand name for the game of roundnet. The game is a combination of volleyball and foursquare. It’s typically played with two teams of two players each, but it can be played with up to six players. Spikeball involves a lot of energy and movement, which definitely makes it an outdoor activity.

This kit comes with everything you need to play a game, including the net, balls, game rules, and a carrying bag to make it easy to transport. You’ll get your heart rate up, improve coordination, and burn a ton of calories (depending on how competitive you are).

Basketball Hoop

Children playing basketball outside a home.

A basketball hoop makes a great addition to any driveway. It’s easy to pick up a quick game for a sweat session or to shoot hoops to improve your coordination and upper body strength. This purchase is a particularly great option for families with kids or teens that spend most of the day on the couch.

In addition to physical exercise, basketball offers a fun way to socialize and is a great stress-reliever. Your own hoop is also safer for your kids to use and will save you time shuttling them to the gym or park. You or your kids might even find a new passion!

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