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Don’t Dig ASMR? Try These Tiny Wool Kitchen Animations

A woman slides a miniature pizza made of wool into a mini oven made of wool.
Andrea Love/YouTube

When it comes to soothing content, many people turn to ASMR videos. If you’re not a fan of all that whispering and tapping, though, how about some scenes from a tiny wool kitchen?

Artist Andrea Love builds tiny kitchens out of wool, and not only are they ultra-detailed, but she also crafts wool food and animates each scene. Evidently, she crafts and films all of her mini-kitchens in her basement. They show her doing everything from making pizza to baking to doing the dishes.

“Everyone either cooks or they eat,” Love told Apartment Therapy. “I had an image of turning on a burner and having it go from black yarn to red yarn, and so I wanted to play with that idea.”

At this writing, Love’s Instagram account had over 646,000 followers, with some of her videos garnering over 500,000 views. Up next for the artist is the debut of one of her animated shorts at the New York International Children’s Film Festival. She also has plans to branch out in her work from the kitchen to other parts of the home, like the living room.

If you want to see more of Love’s work, be sure to check out her YouTube channel.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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