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12 Fun Toys for a Toddler’s Easter Basket

Easter eggs, a wooden rabbit, and a felt gardening set.
Pottery Barn/Crate & Barrel

Want to put together a beautiful and entertaining Easter basket? These fun toys are the perfect picks for curious toddlers!

For many parents, putting together an Easter basket means just a little bit of candy, or no candy at all and a few toys. Candy is fun, no doubt, but too much sugar for a toddler can be a recipe for disaster, even if it is a holiday.

If you’re thinking of adding some toys to your little one’s Easter basket, you can still stay in the spirit of the day with some Easter-themed toys that are both intellectually stimulating and aesthetically pleasing—and fun for them, obviously. Throw one or two of these adorable toys in with the usual mix of crinkle-paper grass and jelly beans and you’re in business. Check out our picks below.

Tender Leaf Toys Counting Carrots

carrots and bunny blocks
Tender Leaf Toys

This adorable Tender Leaf Toys Counting Carrots stacker is perfect for toddlers 18 months+ who are just starting to learn how to count. Little kids absolutely love to stack things, and they’ll work on their hand-eye coordination while trying to figure out this one.

The numbers on the sides of the blocks will also help them learn to count as they stack and move things around. We love this one because it grows with your toddler: Young toddlers will love stacking, while older toddlers will learn their numbers.

Egg Chalk

colorful egg shaped chalk on a dish
Pottery Barn Kids

Sometimes, all a kid needs is something super simple to keep them occupied for hours—and that’s where sidewalk chalk comes in. Colorful chalk can keep them busy outside for a long time as they draw and create art.

This pack of egg chalk is perfect for an Easter basket because it’s small, inexpensive, and fun. The egg shape makes these easy for little hands to hold. You’ll probably want to save the chalk for slightly older toddlers, so you don’t need to worry about them putting it in their mouths as much.

Crate & Kids Felt Garden Set

felt gardening set
Crate & Barrel

Easter pretty much marks the unofficial start of spring, and what seems more appropriate for the season than gardening? You can get your little one interested at a young age with this Crate & Kids Felt Garden Set, which is so cute and opens the door for so much creative play.

This set comes with a little gardening box, some flowers and vegetables, a watering can, and even a little worm. Everything is made of soft felt, so you don’t need to worry about your toddler getting hurt while playing with it (or swallowing any pieces), and it will grow with them, too—if they’re young, they’ll just play with the pieces, but as they get older, they’ll have fun “gardening” along with you.

Pottery Barn Kids Flip Easter Egg Plush Toy

plush bunny or plush chick
Pottery Barn Kids

Let’s be real: It wouldn’t be Easter without a plush bunny or chick. This Pottery Barn Kids Flip Easter Egg Plush Toy can come in the shape of either animal, and is a cute spin on the classic.

These look like a little chick or bunny inside a cracked egg (like they’re hatching!), but when you flip them inside out, they just become a fully formed chick or bunny. They’re small and make a perfect sweet addition to any basket.

Cuddle + Kind Lucy the Lamb

pink and white stuffed lamb
Cuddle + Kind

Cuddle + Kind has so many adorable stuffed animals to choose from, but for Easter, opt for something related to spring, like Lucy the Lamb. Your toddler will love cuddling up with this colorful lamb, and they’ll love the backstory behind her.

The stuffed animals from Cuddle + Kind have another benefit, too: Each purchase of a doll supplies 10 meals to children in North America and around the world. So while they may be a little pricey, know that it’s for a good cause. Plus, the quality is excellent, and this handcrafted doll will be a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Tender Leaf Toys Garden Wheelbarrow Set

mini wheelbarrow set
Tender Leaf Toys

While this Tender Leaf Toys Garden Wheelbarrow Set probably isn’t going to fit inside an Easter basket, it’s still so cute that it’s worth putting to the side. Made of sturdy renewable rubber wood and painted with a non-toxic paint, this is a great quality toy and is built to last (even with a toddler playing with it).

It comes with seed packets, flower pots, a sunflower, carrot, and tomato plant, and even a watering can, a trowel, and birdy secateurs. Your little one will have everything they need to garden outside during the spring and summer.

Bunny Mini Suitcase Doll

bunny suitcase
Meri Meri

This Bunny Mini Suitcase Doll is smaller than it looks in the photo, which is why it’s made with kids ages 3+ in mind. But it’s so sweet and cute, and it’s one of those tiny things that they (and you) will want to keep forever.

The tiny bunny doll comes in a beautiful bunny suitcase that has felt ears, a gold cord handle, and a metal clasp. Inside is the doll holding a striped tote bag that is stuffed with tiny felt carrots. It’s nice to look at and makes for a fun toy that is easy to bring on the go.

Plan Toys x pbk Bunny Stacker

blue and white bunny stacker toy
Pottery Barn Kids

This Plan Toys x pbk Bunny Stacker is entertaining and perfect for Easter, and is also an eco-friendly toy choice. The company makes their toys out of reclaimed rubber wood, which is a much more sustainable option.

Your toddler will work on cognitive skills and dexterity while trying to stack these little wooden bunnies. They’ll love moving the pieces around, especially the bunny heads, and when they’re done playing, it will look nice on a shelf.

Maple Ballerina Backpack

bunny in dress

If you’re sick of buying plush toys that just pile up in your toddler’s room and don’t get nearly as much playtime as they should, then you might like this Maple Ballerina Backpack.

This bunny in a ballerina dress looks like your usual plush toy, but it’s actually a toddler-friendly backpack that they can use to tote around their own small items. It’s so adorable that they’ll love using it, and they’ll also play with it when it’s not on their back. It’s recommended for toddlers 4+.

Tender Leaf Toys Rocking Baby Birds Balance Toy

colorful birds stacked
Tender Leaf Toys

This Tender Leaf Toys Rocking Baby Birds Balance Toy is not only completely adorable (the tiny wooden birds!), but it’s also educational. It acts as a stacking toy and also a balancing toy, which encourages your toddler to think carefully and critically, and to play imaginatively.

Between balancing and stacking, they’ll develop dexterity and problem-solving skills, and because it’s just a little bit tricky to master, it will keep them busy for more than two minutes. It’s also made from renewable rubber wood and colored in non-toxic paint.

Slumberkins Slumber Sloth Snuggler

sloth doll with books

While a sloth might not be the first animal you think of when you think about Easter, that doesn’t mean it can’t be included in their Easter basket. Actually, Slumberkins are a perfect gift for toddlers. They’re comforting and snuggly, and they help teach a great message.

All Slumberkins come with stories that use research-based techniques to teach little kids important social-emotional skills. The Slumber Sloth Snuggler is meant to encourage relaxation and calm using a soothing routine. They can also cuddle up with this little guy when it’s time for bed.

Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Puzzle Game

twist toy
Tender Leaf Toys

For something small and entertaining, there’s this Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Puzzle Game. The goal is to twist this to align the four circus characters together, but it can also be twisted to be mixed and matched. It’s entertaining and it’s a great game to give your little one in the car or on the go.

It also encourages your toddler to improve their concentration, train visual memory, and improve their ability to find similarities and differences in objects. And, like other Tender Leaf Toys, it’s sustainable and safe.

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