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10 Tasty Ideas for Leftover Easter Ham

Ham and cheese gnocchi, croque monsieur, and ham macaroni and cheese.
Jo Cooks/Tastes Better From Scratch/Belle of the Kitchen

A ham for Easter dinner usually means loads of leftovers. Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can give that briny pork a new spin. From scrumptious sandwiches to cozy casseroles, below are 10 of our fave ham-centric recipes.

The salty flavor of ham pairs nicely with rich, creamy comfort meals. With a little slicing, cubing, or shredding, you can easily transform those leftovers into delish breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

Ham and Egg Noodle Casserole

A casserole dish filled with ham and cheese noodles topped with parmesan and cracked pepper.
The Salty Marshmallow

We all love gobbling down a cozy casserole, and while the spring days are still a bit cool, you might as well take advantage of that oven. Using egg noodles, diced ham, and a cheesy sour cream sauce, you’ll create a simple and tasty meal in no time.

Feel free to add steamed broccoli, cooked carrots, or cauliflower if you need a little veg in there. There is no easier way to use up those extra slices of baked ham.

Get the Recipe: The Salty Marshmallow

Creamy Ham and Potato Soup

Two image: The left image is of a small cup of ham and potato soup finished with cracked pepper, and the right image is of a pot filled to the brim with hot soup, being served with a ladle.
Cafe Delites

Soup is another excellent way to give your ham scraps a culinary makeover! You’ll start with a mirepoix sauté session, throw in the ham and potatoes, then a bit of flour. Once you add in the bouillon and milk, your concoction will turn into a flavorful soup that’ll warm your tummy right up.

Get the Recipe: Cafe Delites

Ham and Peas Pasta with Garlic Cream Sauce

Two images: The left image is of an overview shot of ham and peas pasta and the right image is of an angled front view of the same dish.
Damn Delicious

Ham and peas go hand in hand in this creamy parmesan pasta dinner. The two ingredients work wonders in several recipes, but we all know how comforting pasta is when made right.

Not only is this a perfect way to work through that extra Easter ham, but kids love it, too! Serve with dinner rolls and whipped butter!

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Scalloped Potatoes with Ham

A white casserole dish filled with scalloped ham and potatoes with bubbly melted cheese topped with parsley.
Spend with Pennies

Scalloped potatoes make a fine side option for many meals and make an impression as the main course is once loaded with ham. With a simple white sauce, thinly sliced potatoes, ham, and cheese, you’ll learn to layer a hearty casserole fit for a crowd.

If you feel inclined to serve this as a side rather than a dinner option, it goes well with grilled chicken, pork chops, or meatloaf.

Get the Recipe: Spend with Pennies

Ham and Cheese Pockets

Two images: The left image is of multiple ham and cheese pocked garnished with parsley and the right image is of a closeup of one melty ham and cheese pocket.
Jo Cooks

If you have fond childhood memories of nuking store-bought hot pockets and burning your tongue on the scorching hot cheese, boy, do we have a treat for you. These 100% scratch ham and cheese pockets are great for kids and parents alike.

You’ll start with a quick dough and prepare your fillings while it rises. You’ll stuff the rolled-out dough, then egg wash it before sprinkling on a bit of parmesan and parsley. They are a bit fancier than the ones you’ll get from the freezer and taste amazing, too!

Get the Recipe: Jo Cooks

Denver Omelet Scrambled Eggs

Two images: The left image is of Denver scrambled eggs with a side of bacon and the right image is of a skillet filled with Denver eggs.
The Chunky Chef

Denver omelets are a tasty way to tuck away diced pepper onion, and ham, but in scrambled form, you have an opportunity to show off all the bright mixed-in veggies.

This recipe is packed with loads of fresh and flavorful ingredients that work flawlessly with pillowy soft eggs and cheddar.

Get the Recipe: The Chunky Chef

Croque Monsieur

Freshly broiled croque monsieur sandwiches on a sheet pan and a plated sandwich garnished with thyme.
Tastes Better From Scratch

Go fancy with a lovely Croque Monsieur sandwich filled with freshly grated gruyere cheese and thinly sliced ham. Once those slices of bread are placed together, you’ll finish the top with a rich béchamel sauce.

Set your oven to broil and watch as the creamy sauce turns into a bubbly golden-brown crust that you’ll just love. It’s a bit more involved than a regular ham and cheese sandwich, but the results make it so worth the effort.

Get the Recipe: Tastes Better From Scratch

Skillet Ham and Cheese Gnocchi

Two side-by-side images: The left is of a bowl of gnocci with stringy cheese and gorgeous broil marks and the right image is of a skillet hot out of the oven ready to be served.
Jo Cooks

Gnocchi tops the list for comfort foods, too, especially when paired with ham and cheese. This recipe can be as involved or simple as you’d like, depending on whether you make the gnocchi from scratch or buy it premade.

Consider this a fancy dinner option and one you can serve right on its own or with a side salad of your choice. The little Italian dumplings are perfect in this recipe but feel free to use any pasta of your choosing.

Get the Recipe: Jo Cooks

Ham and Broccoli Macaroni and Cheese

Two images displaying broccoli and ham mac and cheese: The left image is a white bowl ready to be eaten and the right image is a closeup of a spoon full of mac.
Belle of the Kitchen

There’s a trend here; ham clearly tastes best when matched with cheese! This ham and broccoli mac and cheese meal is another example of that delicious duo and a classic meal that anyone can admire.

The almost burned ends of the roasted broccoli make this recipe, so do not opt for steaming (or, worst, boiling) that broccoli to death. With a bit of garlic, sharp cheddar, and panko bread crumbs, this meal goes from kid-friendly to fancy.

Get the Recipe: Belle of the Kitchen

Ham Casserole with Broccoli and Rice

A ham rice and broccoli casserole dish with a wooden serving spoon dug right into the meal displayed on a dark blue linen.
The Cozy Cook

Finally, a one-pot wonder meal that you can prep up to two days ahead of time, using leftovers instead of wasting them. That’s a win for us! Plus, the casserole boasts deliciously rich results, and it’s super easy to make.

Get the Recipe: The Cozy Cook

Don’t throw away those extra scraps of baked Easter ham! These 10 recipes will ensure none of that delicious pork goes to waste.

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