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Garden While Standing with These 6 Table-Style Planters

The Aivituvin, VegTrug, and Foyuee garden beds.

If you’re embracing the call of spring gardening, but your knees aren’t, these raised planters are just the ticket for making gardening more comfortable.

Back and knee pain and mobility issues can make it a real chore to get down on the ground to garden. However, if you have a nice, sturdy raised planter, you can easily work on your herbs or flowers while standing, or even sitting on a stool.

Raised table-style planters also look incredibly charming on a patio or porch. Plus, you can easily store them for winter. Below are six of our favorite table-style planters. At this writing, all were still available, but they’re sure to go fast!

Top Pick: The VegTrug Raised Bed

The VegTrug 1.8 Meter Raised Garden Bed

The VegTrug pocket herb planter makes a lovely addition to any porch, patio, or yard. It has enough room enough to grow up to 30 salads and vegetables. Made of natural cedar, it’s also treated with a food-safe preservative to make it safe for growing all the edibles your heart desires.

It’s easy to assemble, and the v-shape allows plant roots to spread as needed. It also comes with fittings that make it easy to attach netting or fleece to protect your plants from frost or insects.

Top Pick

Most Attractive: Aivituvin Wooden Planter

A lovely brown wooden raised garden bed filled with colorful flowers with decorative planters on the bottom shelf and gardening tools place don the side tray, displayed on a patio of a home.

We love the Aivituvin elevated planter for so many reasons, but especially for its pretty appeal. The brown natural wood hue looks gorgeous as a front porch decoration, especially once filled with culinary herbs or bright flowers.

The large storage shelf provides optimal space for storing practical or decorative tools. The fir wood is treated with a food-safe preservative and works as a durable and reliable insulator to keep your soil warm.

Plus, it comes with a removable eight-pocket herb divider depending on your gardening plans. Show off your gorgeous garden (without breaking your back) with this wooden raised garden bed.

Best Splurge: Vegepod Self-Watering Garden Kit

Vegepod growing tables, arranged in a backyard showing off the mesh canopy system and watering hoses.

If you want an all-in-one product to really get the most out of growing edibles, the Vegepod self-watering kit is a win! It’s the easiest way to grow veggies or herbs with all the extra perks.

The planter uses a wicking system that allows the soil to draw water upwards, so your plants can thrive. That way, if you are out on a business trip or visiting family out of state, your plants can grow more independently without constant care.

The kit is also complete with a protective cover to shield your pretty plants from the scorching summer sun and keeps the pesky bugs and animals out, too! You’ll also get a kick out of the built-in mist sprayer that any standard hose will attach to.

The simplistic assembly paired with the ten-year warranty makes this all-in-one kit gardening gold! Enjoy building a gorgeously green garden with the kids using nothing else but the Vegepod Garden Kit.

Best DIY: Giantex Set of Four Raised Garden Bed Kit

The Giantex set of four Raised Garden Bed with orange flowers.

The Giantex set of four raised bed kit is perfect if you aren’t quite sure where you want your garden. You can configure the bed into various patterns until you find the best design for your patio, porch, or yard.

Made of durable premium polyethylene, it’s easy to construct and redesign new patterns, so you can have a new garden layout every year. The garden beds also feature a self-watering disk and drainage holes to avoid oversaturation.

These lightweight, yet durable garden boxes are excellent for growing flowers and edibles.

Best Rot-Resistant: FOYUEE Galvanized Raised Vegetable Bed

The FOYUEE Galvanized Raised Vegetable Bed full of plants, with a pair of red boots and gardening tools on the bottom shelf.

This Galvanized raised garden bed by FOYUEE is another solid option for both aesthetics and practicality. It holds up to three cubic feet of soil and is ideal for planting flowers, herbs, and veggies.

There’s also a drainage hole and line in the middle to prevent oversaturation and a handy bottom shelf to store your gardening tools.

Best Mobile: BCP Raised Garden Bed with Wheels

A natural wooden raised garden bed with fresh herbs growing in it and tools, pots and a watering can stored on the shelf below.
Best Choice Products

If you have a super-sunny yard, moving your plants into a shadier location during the hottest times of the day is a must. On the contrary, this is a great way to capture the necessary sunlight that some shady yards don’t get much of.

With this BCP mobile raised garden bed, you can conveniently avoid and steal whatever amount of sunlight or shade you need. From proper drainage holes to included garden bed liners, this natural garden bed is a great fit for most.

Gardening season is here and raised beds are incredibly popular, given all their benefits. So, be sure to order your fave from our list before they’re all sold out!

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