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Get a Home Gym and Personal Trainer with These Fitness Systems

Three different all-in-one fitness systems for at-home workouts.

For a while, fitness moved from busy gyms and studios to the comfort of our own homes. If you’ve found you prefer working out at home, these all-in-one systems offer everything you need, from a personal trainer to almost any type of exercise routine.

With personalized workout programs, adjustable weights, live and/or on-demand fitness classes, and entire libraries of exercises, these revolutionary at-home gyms will make you forget you ever joined a gym. Below are some of our favorites.

Tonal: For Smarter Workouts

Woman working out with Tonal fitness system at home.

Tonal calls itself “the smartest home gym” because of its artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This is what allows it to tailor workouts for each person. It adapts to your strength level and adjusts as necessary.

It features expert-led programs with professionally trained coaches who are there to guide you through each exercise. Additionally, 17 smart sensors analyze and correct your training form, to prevent injuries and make sure you’re always getting the maximum out of your workout.

Tonal has over 170 different moves and 200 lb. resistance that can suit everyone, from a complete beginner to someone who considered the gym their second home. It truly is an all-in-one fitness system that can make you forget you used to waste time commuting to your gym.

Mirror: If Interior Design Is a Priority

Woman practicing yoga in front of at-home fitness system called Mirror.

Although you might easily mistake it for a gorgeous piece of home décor, Mirror is actually an amazing high-tech, at-home fitness system that seamlessly blends into your living space. When it’s not in use, Mirror really is a mirror—the camera even includes a privacy cover for when it’s not in use.

With Mirror, you’ll get everything a gym has to offer without the unnecessary bulk. It comes equipped with advanced camera technology and proprietary algorithms that tailor the workout to you, with certified instructors who give you live feedback.

You can choose to enter competitive mode and hit specific heart rate target zones. You can even compete against your friends or your own personal best. As music can have a great impact on motivation, Mirror also has a library of playlists. However, you can sync your Apple music profile and customize them yourself, if you prefer.

Tempo: To Improve Technique

Man working out in front of Tempo at-home fitness system.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one fitness system that comes with real weights and gives you instant feedback Tempo is for you. Designed to personalize your workouts through an infrared-captured 3D model of every inch of your body, Tempo focuses on your form and technique, and corrects you instantly.

With hundreds of live and on-demand strength, cardio, mobility, and recovery classes, this amazing all-in-one fitness system is for everyone, from absolute beginners to gym addicts.

In addition to its core system, it also comes with a myriad of accessories, from Olympic plates and dumbbells to a real barbell and recovery roller. No matter what your workout preference, Tempo’s got you covered.

NordicTrack Vault: For Extra Resistance

Woman working out at home in front of NordicTrack Vault all-in-one fitness system.

One of the most famous brands for gym equipment has stepped up its game with its all-in-one fitness system, NordicTrack Vault.

It comes in two different models—Standalone and Complete—set to launch in June of this year. It features a ton of additions none of the other at-home gyms on the market offer.

In addition to a one-year membership, Vault Complete comes with all of the following tucked behind its head-to-toe fitness screen:

  • An exercise mat
  • Two yoga blocks
  • Three loop bands
  • Three super-resistance bands
  • 5-30 lb. dumbbells
  • 20 and 30 lb. kettlebells

The iFit Studio also features a bunch of classes, from yoga and pilates to strength training and HIIT, so there’s something for everyone, no matter your workout style or level.

Echelon Reflect Touch: For Fun and Motivation

Woman working out with dumbbells in front of Echelon Reflect Touch fitness system.

From the creators of the amazing Echelon cycling system comes an all-in-one fitness studio called the Reflect Touch. With one of the largest touch screens on the market (50 inches), Echelon can definitely stand up to the competition.

Echelon offers plenty of live and on-demand classes. There’s also a special motivational, point-based workout mode that easily turns every session into a fun remote competition with friends, all in the comfort of your own home.

Unlike the other options on this list, Echelon doesn’t offer professional installation, though, so keep that in mind.

ProForm Vue: For Dynamic Workouts

A man working out with a barbell in front of ProForm Vue fitness system.

Another stylish all-in-one fitness mirror, ProForm Vue offers everything you need for a great workout without leaving your living room.

It features a large, rotating screen, and accessory storage that includes a 10-lb. barbell, two 5-lb. dumbbell bars, and four 2.5-lb. weight plates. It’s everything you need to get that extra boost to challenge your workouts.

ProForm Vue comes with the same iFit membership as NordicTrack, so if you’re familiar with the trainers, you can get almost the same experience for a fraction of the price.

At-home gyms are here to stay, and with these high-tech, all-in-one fitness systems, you’ll never have to put your goals on hold.

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