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This TikTok Hack Will Keep Your Lettuce Fresh for a Month

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Much like avocados, lettuce can go bad pretty quickly. Also like avocados, though, there’s a hack that’ll keep your lettuce good for a solid month!

TikTok has already blessed the world with hacks to preserve avocados (and even some to ripen them). Now, it’s given us a way to keep our lettuce from turning brown and gross. Lama Bazzi from the Taste Great Foodie blog goes by the same name over on TikTok (@tastegreatfoodie), where she revealed this lettuce hack.

According to Bazzi, all you need to keep the veggie fresh is some water and a mason jar. In the video, she places several leaves of lettuce into a mason jar, then pours water over it until it’s completely submerged. She explains that the water will help keep the leaves crisp if you leave them in the fridge.


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A month later, Bazzi posted a follow-up video, in which she pulled the same jar from her fridge to show viewers that the lettuce was, in fact, still fresh.

However, keeping lettuce for a full month still might not be the best idea. But Bazzi recommends using this hack if you’re going out of town for a few days or weeks. She also told Buzzfeed that she learned the trick from her husband, who used to keep carrots and celery fresh this way when he worked at a restaurant.

If you love trying food hacks, check out this one for lemon juicing, or this clever cheese and cracker hack.

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