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Make Insta-Worthy Meals with These 9 DIY Food Kits

A kit with hot peppers, a wooden steamer with dumplings, a wood board with a pastry bag and macarons
DIY Gifts/Cooking Gift Set/Angadona

It’s easier than ever to make gorgeous, gourmet meals at home, thanks to the rise of gourmet DIY kits! So instead of gazing wistfully at stunning food photography on social media, why not get in on the game yourself?

These kits provide the ingredients, tools, and instructions to make customized versions of your favorite foods (even those you might think are too complicated). Whether you’re dying to try your hand at dainty macarons or want to gift someone a custom bottle of hot sauce, these food kits have everything you need to impress.

Cooking Gift Set Co. Chinese Dumplings

An open wood dumpling steamer with dumplings, next to other wooden tools
Cooking Gift Set

Love the dumplings from your favorite takeout restaurant and want to try your hand at making your own? The Cooking Gift Set Chinese Dumplings Kit is a five-piece set to make your own gourmet dumplings from scratch.

The kit includes a premium bamboo dumpling steamer, specialty dough roller, stuffing wooden spatula, parchment paper rounds, and agar agar powder (the “secret ingredient” to making the broth) and instructions on what ingredients to use and how to make dumplings from start to finish. You’ll be steaming up your own customized dumplings in no time!

Standing Stone Farms Basic Beginner Cheese Making Kit

A brown box, assorted white cloths and clear bottles, all sitting on a marble surface
Standing Stone Farms

Cheesemaking is a culinary art that most people don’t need to bother with anymore, but it can be a fun activity to try! The Standing Stone Farms Basic Beginner Cheese Making Kit contains all the tools  ingredients (minus perishable dairy ingredients you’ll have to buy yourself) to make several different kinds of cheese in your own kitchen.

You’ll be able to make mozzarella, Chevre, goat cheese, queso blanco, queso fresco, mascarpone, and ricotta. Experiment with learning about the chemical processes that create cheese, and end up with a delicious product in the end!

ttmagic Sourdough Bread Kit

Someone making sourdough bread with the ttmagic Sourdough Bread-making Kit.

Take your sourdough baking to the next level with the ttmagic Sourdough Bread Kit! If you’re ready to move beyond just experimenting with sourdough starters and basic loaves, you’ll love the extra details in this kit that will make you feel like a gourmet baker right in your own kitchen.

The kit includes a natural, rattan-proofing basket, plus a washable linen liner cloth, a metal dough scraper for cutting and transferring sourdough, and a scoring lame with 5 blades for cutting the tops of loaves.

Baketivity Kids Baking DIY Activity Kit

A cardboard box, open to reveal bags of baking supplies, with a bag of chocolate chips and two cookies in front

The Baketivity Kids Baking DIY Activity Kit is a fun baking kit for kids and families. Each kit includes everything you need, pre-measured ingredients and all, to make a batch of delicious treat with your kids. An upgraded option is available that also includes a chef’s hat and apron.

The kits come in several varieties, each geared at a different recipe. You can choose between bagels, “bug” cupcakes, chocolate chunk cookies, cinnamon buns, cake pops, funfetti cupcakes, granola bars, or whoopie pies. No matter what choice you make, the kits have all the instructions and ingredients, minus perishables, for a fun family baking day!

Nice Kitchen Cake Pop Maker Kit

Several cake pops on sticks, each decorated with colorful drizzles and sprinkles
Nice Kitchen

Cake pops are a super-cute treat, but if you’ve never made them, they can feel like a bit of a hassle to make. That’s where the Nice Kitchen Cake Pop Maker Kit comes in. With a complete set of tools and instructions, it’s a surprisingly easy way to make those cute treats that always seem like such a pain.

The kit comes with both cupcake molds and cake pop molds made from food-grade silicone for easy use and cleaning. It also includes cake pop sticks, a cup for melting candy coating, a decorative “pen” to create drizzled designs, and more. With this kit and a little time, you can produce your own delicious, creamy cake pops with whatever cute decorations suit your mood!

The Kombucha Store Kombucha Starter Kit

A box reading "Kombucha Brewing Kit" sits on a bench next to a woman wearing jeans
The Kombucha Store

Make your own batch of trendy kombucha with The Kombucha Store Kombucha Starter Kit! The kit includes a one-gallon brewing jar, organic teas, liquid starter and cultures, organic cane sugar, pH tester strips, and everything else you need to brew and bottle your own kombucha right at home.

For an even more in-depth experience, the company also offers an upgraded, “deluxe” version of the kit. It includes all of the same tools and ingredients that are in the starter kit, but also features everything you need for bottling: six glass bottles, a bendable bottle brush for cleaning, a strainer, and a funnel.

DIY Gifts Hot Sauce Kit

A brown box labeled "Hot Sauce Making Kit" with assorted peppers and spice blend envelopes sitting on the table nearby
DIY Gift Kits

Customize your own spicy sauces with the DIY Gifts Hot Sauce Kit. The full kit includes a variety of heirloom peppers, spice blends, full instructions, and everything you need to control the flavor profile and heat level of a customized hot sauce. You can mix and match the gourmet spice blend, ancho pasillas, chipotle, habanero, and ghost peppers.

If you’re new to making hot sauce—or you’re very particular about heat levels—you’ll also find the information in the kit useful to make sure your custom sauce is perfect for you. Each kit includes a Scoville chart, which explains the heat level of each type of pepper included. No surprises here! The company also offers a “booster” refill kit so you can stock up on your favorites.

Delamu Sushi Making Kit

A bamboo mat with assorted sushi sitting on it

As it turns out, making your own sushi isn’t too hard after all! You just need the right ingredients and a few tools to help you get it right. The Delamu Sushi Making Kit features all the specialized gadgets you need to make your own sushi at home, so you can customize every roll with all your favorite flavors.

Of course, it doesn’t include the actual fish and vegetable ingredients (because they’re typically perishable and fresh), but it does include a bamboo rolling mat, chopsticks, a spreader, a paddle, and a beginner’s instruction guide to making your first at-home sushi. It’s a surprisingly easy-to-use kit that will give you a chance to experiment with different types of delicious sushi without ever leaving your own kitchen.

Angadona Macaron Kit

A macaron baking mat, a pastry bag with tip, and several colorful macarons on a wood surface

If you want to try making these classic French treats at home, you can give it a try with the Angadona Macaron Kit. The specialized baking kit features silicone baking mats with marked-out rounds for size uniformity, piping bags with different-shaped tips, and tools to help you make gourmet-looking macarons that are perfectly uniform in size and style.

The trick to baking macarons is twofold: getting the mixture right, and getting the actual bake right. While this kit can’t necessarily help you with mixing up your batter correctly, it can definitely give you a leg up when it comes to getting perfectly shaped cookie rounds of identical sizes to construct into colorful, delicious treats!

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