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Tired of Losing Your Keys? Try These Tips

A key dish, a hanging key rack, and a key finding device
The Basic Living/Dahey/Tile

If you’re always losing your keys, you’ve probably been trying to think of a way to keep track of them. It’s all about creating a “key-placing habit,” so your keys are always in the same place.

To get in the habit of putting your keys in the same place every day, it helps to create a key-friendly landing zone. And, for those times when your keys don’t make it to their “home,” a bright keychain or a key finding device will save you loads of time and worry.

Get a Special Dish for Your Entry Table

Trinket dish on a table with change and a watch in it.
The Basic Living

If you have an entryway in your home with a small table, that’s an ideal place to put a dish where you can leave your keys. With it right when you walk in the door, it makes it easy to remember to drop your keys off.

Rather than tossing an old dish on the entry table, invest in something that’s fancy and made to hold keys. If you put a little more money into it, you might find the motivation to remember to use it. This beautiful solid wood trinket dish is perfect for “tossing” your keys on it without the risk of breaking it.

You can hang and place multiple sets of keys on it, so it’s great if you have multiple drivers in your home

Hang Up a Key Rack

Key and multi-purpose rack holding keys, paper, and some flowers.

Of course, not everyone has an entryway or space in their entry for a table. If you don’t have a convenient place to put a trinket dish for your keys, you can buy a key rack to hang on the wall right by your front door or whichever door you use most often.

Instead of spending money on a rack that only holds keys, you can find great key racks that offer up multiple purposes. This wall-mounted rack has space for mail, a shelf to make it more decorative, and space to hang multiple sets of keys.

Get a Brightly Colored Keychain

Brightly colored keychains
Rotary 13B1/Chums

A brightly colored, larger keychain will help make your keys stand out when they’re not where they’re supposed to be. However, you want to look for keychains that aren’t heavy, which can damage your ignition.

The big, bright warning flag keychains are great because they’re light, but they really stand out. Pick one in a bright color, like this option in neon orange, and it’ll easily stand out.

If you want something a little smaller but just as bright, opt for this bright yellow floating keychain from Chums. They come in other colors too and are a great choice if you like to spend time on the water, as well.

Invest in a Key Finder

Tile key finder on a set of keys.

For under $50, you can get a two-pack of Tile Bluetooth key finders that do so much more than help you discover where you left your keys. This little square is a powerful tool that will help you keep track of a few things. Once you connect your Tile to your phone, it has lots of power.

Your Tile key finder will help you find your phone, as long as you know where your keys are. You can attach a Tile to your pet’s collar, your luggage, or anything else that can get lost or misplaced, then use your phone to find the last place your Tile was. With a few of these little Tiles, you’ll stop losing the things that always seem to elude you.

Few things are more frustrating than misplacing your keys, but any of these items will help you develop a key-placing habit so you’ll always know where they are.

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