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One Realtor Says This Color Will Always Be ‘In’ for Kitchen Cabinets

A man covered in white paint after painting his kitchen cabinets.
Benoit Daoust/Shutterstock

Some things are classic for a reason, and, evidently, a certain color of paint on your kitchen cabinets is one of those things.

When something ain’t broke, you don’t fix it, right? You can apply this to décor trends as well. (Well, some of them.) When it comes to experimenting with color and style in your home, it sometimes might be best to go more traditional. That’s exactly how Nichole Holmes, the realtor from Netflix’s Marriage or Mortgage, feels about white cabinetry in the kitchen.

In an interview with Apartment Therapy, Holmes said she’s been seeing a lot of cobalt blue and green cabinets paired with custom gold and bronze hardware, but she’s convinced classic we haven’t seen the last of white.

“I’m seeing the gray and white trend fade out, which I’m kind of still a fan of,” Holmes said. “I love a bright, all-white kitchen, and I don’t think it’s ever truly going to go out of style.”

The color changes Holmes is seeing are very on-trend. Back in January, Semihandmade, which manufactures aftermarket cabinet door upgrades, predicted the green trend. It adds the same brightness as white, but with a bit more dramatic flair.

In a survey conducted by design hub, WrenKitchens, blue was one of the top five cabinet color choices for 2021.

Of course, you don’t have to follow any trends at all—a sentiment Holmes also supports. When it comes to home design, her other piece of advice was to always “do you.”

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