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What’s the Most Popular Pie in Your State?

A custard pie with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

From sugary sweet chocolate and apple to the more savory options (cheeseburger?), there’s a whole lot of ways you can make a pie. But which kind is the favorite in your state?

Using the trends in search data, Google compiled a list of the favorite pie in every U.S. state, as well as the recipes that topped the list for each one. Custard-based pies won out overall. Options like sweet potato, buttermilk, and key lime pie also fell into that category, and won in Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida, respectively.

The next category—fruit pies—could be declared a winner in its own right, as it contains the most popular pie in the country: apple. Yes, this classic American staple was the top-searched pie in all the states, topping the list in five: Alaska, New Mexico, West Virginia, Maine, and Kansas.

Curious which pie won your state? Check Google’s handy map below, and if you’re feeling inspired to do a little baking, try these recipes.

A color-coded map of the United States, showing each state's favorite type of pie.

[Via Delish]

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