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How to Clean Out and Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

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Under the kitchen sink often becomes a catch-all for kitchen cleaning supplies, old sponges, dish soap overstock, and much more. It’s time to clean that space out and get it organized.

If you cringe anytime you open the cupboard under your sink, it’s time to pull all of that stuff out and start with a fresh look. You’ll need a few supplies, but we’ll go over that in each of the cleaning and organizing sections below.

Empty and Deep Clean

The first step is to pull everything out, no matter how gross it is. You need to clean up any water leaks, rust spots, and random gunk that’s under the sink. Make sure you have some space on your kitchen counter or on the floor where you can place everything.

Wipe down all of the cleaning supplies and bottles you pull out. Even if you don’t have any sink leaks, they may still be dusty. You want all of the stuff you put back in to be as clean as the cupboard itself.

Throw away empty or broken bottles and old sponges. If you have multiple open containers of the same cleaning solutions, combine them to save space.

Wipe down the entire cupboard with your choice of cleaning agent (warm soapy water will work). Scrub stained spots, get in the corners, and don’t forget to clean above, too. Let the cupboard airdry, or dry it with a rag.

Put in a Shelf Liner

If your under-sink area lacks a water-resistant shelf liner, put one in. This will make cleaning more manageable in the future (you should deep clean under your kitchen sink at least once a year), and it will protect the wood in your cupboard from wet sponges and leaky cleaning supply containers.

Easy Spill-Proof Liner

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You’ll need to take measurements of the space, but that’s not difficult to do, and the liner is easy to cut with a sharp pair of scissors.

Make Use of Your Space

Before you start loading all of your stuff back under the sink, put in some organizers to help you get the most of the space you have available.

Working under a sink means working around pipes and other obstructions. If you have space where you can use a two-tiered organizer, get one in there.

Skip the ones intended for general cabinets and buy one that adjusts to accommodate the plumbing. This will open up more room for extra dish soap and cleaning supplies by using vertical space next to the drain pipe that would otherwise be wasted.

In shorter spaces, consider a plastic caddy. You can fill it with your open cleaning supplies, rubber gloves, and a sponge or two. It’s easy to grab the handle and go clean what needs cleaning, and it keeps things organized under the sink when you’re not using them.

Use Door Space

Before you close that clean cupboard, consider putting in some cabinet door organizers if you have space. You can hang cleaning brushes, rags, and more here. It makes it easier to find what you need without digging through all of your other cleaning supplies.

Keep the Trash Clean

Some people store their kitchen trash can under the sink. It’s a great way to keep it out of the way if you have space. Be sure to empty the trash regularly. It can be easy for it to get out-of-sight, out-of-mind when it’s hidden.

To make emptying the trash easier, keep some trash bags hidden in the bottom of the trash can. This also saves space!

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