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Store Those Leftover Slices with This Pizza Box Hack

Someone removing portions of a pizza box and folding it to create a storage container.

We all end up with leftover pizza from time to time. If you’re usually tempted to throw it out instead of hunting for a storage container, why not store it right in the box it came in? You can do it without taking up all your fridge space, too.

Nate Hunter (@nateandgran) posted the pizza box hack below on TikTok, and it’s genius! First, you remove the top along the perforated edges, then pull off the middle sections on the sides. Once those are removed, simply fold it over in the center to create a perfect rectangular container that will hold at least three slices.

Stick it in your fridge, and you’ve got lunch (or breakfast) the next day. Say goodbye to shoving those leftover slices into a too-small Tupperware container or huge pizza boxes taking up your whole fridge.


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At this writing, Hunter’s video was sitting at a cool 7.8 million views, with over 991,000 likes. To say this hack has gone viral is a bit of an understatement.

But then, TikTok is a treasure trove of useful information. If you like this hack, be sure to check out how to remove stuck food particles from your microwave and how to make the perfect quesadilla.

[Via Delish]

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