Getting Those Z’s Is Still the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Brain

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Don’t you just love sleep? Well, now you have permission to devote more time to it. According to doctors, snoozing is still the best thing you can do for your noggin.

In fact, Dr. Tara Swart, neuroscientist, and author of The Source, says we all need to prioritize sleep more.

“Of all the healthy brain habits, sleep still seems to be the one that people put on the back burner,” Swart told mindbodygreen. “In my opinion, it is more important than diet, exercise, hydration, and even meditation.”

Sleep is important because it allows your brain to recuperate just as it gives your body time to rest. When you sleep, you create memories, cells are restored, and energy levels are replenished. All of these things contribute to better brain health down the road.

Sure, sleep is important, but why is it the most important thing? After all, it isn’t the only way to maintain good brain health. There’s also diet, exercise, and hydration, as Dr. Swart mentioned.

However, sleep makes other activities easier. When you lack energy or have less clarity due to inadequate rest, things like exercise, remembering to eat well, and staying hydrated become more difficult.

So next time you’re tempted to forgo sleep because you’re cramming for a test, rushing to finish a work project, or even binging a new show, try to prioritize your rest instead. Your brain will thank you!

[Via mindbodygreen]

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