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Make a Nontoxic Cleaner with These Three Ingredients

Three images show a person infusing white vinegar with orange peels and creating a cleaner.

Social media is full of life hacks, and one of the most popular this week is an environmentally friendly cleaner. There’s no waste, it’s effective, and you only need three common household ingredients.

Blogger Marta Tarallo (@bottegazerowaste) posted this cleaning hack on TikTok. The zero-waste aficionado’s video is her take on the popular #WipeItDown challenge, which featured people cleaning a mirror as their appearance changed.

Tarallo’s video is a bit different, though. As the music for the #WipeItDown challenge plays in the background, she gives instructions to make a cleaning solution that can be used during said challenge.


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To create Tarallo’s cleaner, just place some leftover orange peels and vinegar in a sealed mason jar and let it infuse for three weeks. When it’s done, filter out the peels, pour the orange-infused vinegar into a spray bottle, then fill the remainder with water. You’ll then have an orange-scented cleaning solution that’s nontoxic and effective.

If you’ve never cleaned with vinegar before, you might be wondering why this works. It’s all thanks to the solution’s acid content. White vinegar is made with laboratory-created acetic acid, which is what makes it an effective cleaner. Thanks to its low ph level, the cleaner also removes everything from soap scum to stuck-on food particles.

By diluting it with water, you won’t have to worry about damaging any surfaces as you clean. The infusion of orange peels also means your home won’t smell like a fermentation station, either.

If you’ve been considering switching to nontoxic cleaners, this simple, cheap, no-waste hack might be just the way to go. There’s an easy one for your floors, too!

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