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Beyond Breakfast: 8 Ways to Make Eggs for Dinner

Middle Eastern Baked Eggs by RecipeTin Eats, ramen with crispy fried eggs by How Sweet Eats, and a cobb salad by Bon Appétit.
RecipeTin Eats/How Sweet Eats/Bon Appétit

Every week, you probably buy a dozen eggs for morning scrambles and pancake batters. But what if we told you eggs are “eggcellent” for dinner, too?

There aren’t many foods as versatile as the humble egg. They’re rich in vitamins, inexpensive, and make a fantastic entrée, and not just in the morning. Their high protein content also makes eggs a solid substitute for expensive meats.

So, whether you want to save a few bucks or just use up that extra dozen in the fridge, try whipping up any of these delicious recipes for dinner.

Classic Carbonara

Two images: The left is of a fork picking up a freshly made pasta carbonara topped with fresh parmesan and the left image is of a plate of pasta carbonara ready to be eaten.
An Italian in My Kitchen

Using savory slices of pancetta, a few eggs, and fresh parmesan cheese, you’ll learn to make one of Italy’s most favored meals. This creamy pasta dish is simple, and the quick results deliver a delicious meal to feed a family.

It’s as simple as adding an egg and cheese mixture to hot pasta and constantly stir until the pasta is well coated. From there, add your pancetta and a bit more parm and hot pepper flakes, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a satisfying dinner.

Get the Recipe: An Italian in My Kitchen

Fried Rice

A large skillet filled with homemade fried rice filled with carrots, peas, eggs and topped with green onions.
Gimme Some Oven

Fried rice isn’t complete until a few eggs are cracked into the mix, and Ali from Gimme Some Oven will give you great tips for making this yummy dish. You’ll learn to use cold precooked rice and butter for frying rather than other cooking oils.

This yummy meal is filled with bright veggies and pillowy soft scrambled eggs and is an excellent way to use up some main ingredients you probably already have.

Get the Recipe: Gimme Some Oven

Mexican Baked Eggs

A large skillet filled with Mexican baked eggs topped with melted cheese.
Domestic Superhero

Jalapeños, tomatoes, black beans, and chilies work flawlessly to create a base before a few eggs are placed over the thickened dish. From there, your oven will finish cooking the meal.

With a few generous sprinkles of cheddar cheese and a quick broil session, your oven will magically transform these few ingredients into a meal you’ll love. Be sure to remove the eggs after a few minutes to ensure your rich yolk doesn’t cook through.

Get the Recipe: Domestic Superhero

Shakshuka Middle Eastern Baked Eggs

Two images: The left image is of a baked shakshuka skillet topped with cracked eggs and the right image is of warm crusty bread dipped in the yolk.
RecipeTin Eats

Similar to Mexican baked eggs, this tomato-filled Middle Eastern version is sure to hit the spot as well. Using red bell peppers, onion, and plenty of tomatoes, you’ll create a thickened sauce-like base for this dish.

You’ll make indentations fit for a few eggs, then bake away until the whites are set and the yolk is runny. Don’t steer from the strict instructions about bread; you’ll need them to sop up all the extra goodness.

Get the Recipe: RecipeTin Eats

Veggie Ramen with Sesame Fried Eggs

Two plates of ramen topped with fried eggs. The left image is of the entire meal in a skillet and the right image is a plated version topped with chopped chives.
How Sweet Eats

Ramen noodles have a way of creating one heck of a meal when combined with the right ingredients. This recipe is proof and a must-try!

Sesame oil, honey, vinegar, and soy sauce work wonders to create a lip-smacking sauce, and the shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and green onions bring the dish to life. Once the toasted sesame fried eggs are placed atop, there’s no turning back.

Get the Recipe: How Sweet Eats

Spaghetti Marinara with Poached Eggs

Two images of spaghetti marinara: the left image is of spaghetti being tossed in red sauce and the right image is of a plate of spaghetti topped with a poached egg, cracked pepper and fresh basil.
Pinch of Yum

There are plenty of ingredients to spruce up a basic tomato sauce and a handful of protein options that work well on top. Along with meatballs and chicken, a poached egg is one to name.

While you might be furrowing your brow at the thought, we say, “You don’t know until you try.” The yolk adds a rich flavor to the homemade tomato sauce and doesn’t overstuff you like other meats.

Get the Recipe: Pinch of Yum

Hawaiian Loco Moco

Two white plates topped with white rice, a burger patty and fried eggs all topped with a mushroom gravy and chopped chives.
Spoon For Bacon

Loco Moco is a popular Hawaiian dish, eaten for breakfast, or really any time of day. The meal starts with a generous plate of white rice, topped with a burger patty and fried egg, all covered with homemade mushroom gravy. So if you love burgers, eggs, and rice, then you’ll love this one-of-a-kind dinner!

Get the Recipe: Spoon Fork Bacon

Chicken Cobb Salad

An oval plate filled with a heaping pile of greens topped with avocado and tomato slices, crispy bacon, and halved boiled eggs all topped with a bacon vinaigrette.
Bon Appétit

Cobb Salads are another great way to work through the eggs in your fridge, and this bright and colorful recipe is an excellent example.

The juicy tomatoes, sliced avocado, and slightly runny boiled eggs make a lovely trio once placed on top of a bed of crisp greens. But after you drizzle over a warm bacon vinaigrette, you’ll be hooked to your new favorite summer salad.

Get the Recipe: Bon Appétit

So next time you aren’t sure what to cook for dinner, and you’ve got plenty of eggs, give one of these recipes a try or concoct something new yourself.

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