What’s Your State’s Favorite Easter Candy?

An assortment of Easter candy on a serving tray.

At some point, everyone ponders the big questions: What’s the meaning of life? Why are we here? Does anyone really eat Peeps? Well, one website was able to answer the latter, at least.

Job-search website, Zippia, analyzed Google Trend data from Easter last year for each U.S. state. By looking at the peaks in search volume around the holiday, the site was able to narrow down which candy searches were disproportionately higher among the states and compare them.

The results are borderline shocking because, as it turns out, the top Easter treat isn’t candy at all.

Boiled eggs actually topped the list in a whopping 14 states. Sure, they’re not sweet, but their popularity during Easter makes sense. After all, that’s the time many families are painting Easter eggs, and what else is there to do with them once you’ve hidden and found them?

A map of the U.S. showing each state's favorite Easter candy.

But the popularity of boiled eggs wasn’t the only surprise to come out of the analysis, though. According to the trend data, the second place food was, in fact, Peeps. Turns out people in eight states actually do eat the fluffy chick-shaped marshmallows more than other Easter faves, like jelly beans and chocolate bunnies.

Peeps now even has its own makeup line, so we probably shouldn’t be shocked that people actually do eat them.

If you’re curious about the other overall findings, you can check out all the data here. And if you’re looking for a new treat to put in your Easter basket this year, how about a Reese’s carrot?

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