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Add Some Drama to Your Yard with These Accent Lights

Wall lights by DenicMic, hanging jar lights by Gigalumi and lanterns by Esgarden.

If you’ve already purchased some patio furniture and planted your garden, but something still seems to be missing, it might be mood lighting. You can add a little flair with these inexpensive, high-impact outdoor lights.

In addition to practicality, illuminating your backyard can also enhance some of its best features. Some lights can highlight the social areas, while others can simply make garden beds or walkways easier to see.

Whether you just want to improve your curb appeal or are looking to add some warm entertainment lights, you’ll find plenty of options below.

Best String Lights: Brightown Patio Lights

Brightown string lights illuminated over a balcony porch of someone's downtown apartment.

String lights are the all-in-one solution to providing decorative lighting to your patio while also creating a charming ambiance. These easy-to-install outdoor string lights by Brightown are just what you need for your patio, back porch, pergola, or gazebo.

If you have an upcoming party, these are sure to light up the spot, but if you want to keep things quiet or restful, then you’ll love the dimmable option, too. The weatherproof lights come in 25 ft, 50 ft, or 100 ft lengths and are super easy to install and remove. But they’re so cute we doubt you’ll take them down until winter rolls around again.

Best String Lights

Best Pathway Lights: Beau Jardin Eight-Pack

Four Beau Jardin pathway lights posted in the grass along a path in someone's yard.
Beau Jardin

Light up that lovely pathway along your yard with nothing but these solar stake lights. The sun will take care of recharging all day, so you’ll have a fully illumined footpath come nightfall.

Be sure to evenly space them out to provide a solid balance of light that helps guide you back safely to your steps. These stake lights are easy to install and require no electrical wiring, so renters can enjoy using them, too.

Beautify your garden, create a stunning glow along your yard, or help others walk safely with guidance from these energy-saving and weatherproof Beau Jardin pathway lights.

Best Pathway Lights

Most Versatile: Esgarden Solar Hanging Lanterns

Two side-by-side images of the Esgarden solar lantern illuminating different areas of someone's yard.

We love these Esgarden solar lanterns for their flexibility in the yard. Illuminate each staircase step, or add a lovely glow to your garden with these decorative lights.

Otherwise, these cordless lanterns look beautiful placed on top of a patio table or right alongside the back door off the patio. You can also hang them under trees or on Shepherd’s hooks.

The unique design really spruces up the yard and adds a lovely yet subtle glow. Let your lanterns charge all day and gleam all night. Their durable and weather-resistant construction means they’ll last you season after season.

Best for Fences and Porch Rails: DenicMic Solar Wall Lights

Three lit DenMic wall lights posted on a fence in a neighborhood backyard.

If you have a fence that lines your property, there is no better way to ornament that old wall than these DenicMic solar-powered lights. Because these waterproof lights use solar power, you won’t have to worry about upping your electricity bill either.

Not only do they provide secure lighting for your property line, but they do a great job of jazzing up those timeworn fences. However, they also look nice along porch railings and under stair steps.

Best for Fences and Porch Rails

Best Accent Lighting: Brightown Solar Fairy Lights

Two side by side images of Brightown fairy string lights. The left image is of rainbow lights curled up and ready to install, and the right image is of fairy lights lit up in a jar.

Fairy string lights are wonderful for accenting all the outdoor places that need a little oomph. They look amazing strung up under canopies and can turn a large mason jar into a lovely centerpiece on your porch.

These also look pretty in your bushes or hanging along your patio wall and really add a warm glow when wrapped around tree trunks and branches. What would you do with these fun lights?

Best Accent Lighting

Best Decorative: Gigalumi Hanging Jar Lights

A path lining a bush garden, embellished with glowing Gigalumi jar lanterns at night.

Whether you are hoping to provide guiding lights to your stepping stones or would love to add a little something to your garden, these hanging mason jar lights deliver.

We love these because they use solar power for energy and string fairy lights inside the mason jars for the perfect warm glow. Whether you hang them from tree branches or alongside your fence, these little guys add an appealing décor.

The Gigalumi six-pack of lights is complete with everything you need for quick and easy installing and even comes with six wall hangers. So, if you plan to use these in the ground, be sure to look into the right shepherd’s hooks instead.

Best Decorative

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to add a little something special to your yard. Just a few renter friendly lights can really make a difference.

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