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Save Time (and Fingers) with This Herb Chopping Hack

Someone chopping herbs on a wooden chopping block.
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If you’re not a pro chef, chopping ingredients can be a real chore. And sometimes, it’s an accident waiting to happen. That’s why we highly recommend this herb chopping hack! It can save you time, and maybe even some injuries.

In response to a TikTok challenge asking folks to showcase a life hack they now perform unconsciously, content creator @morielbethobertanner shared the video below. In it, you learn a shortcut for removing leaves from herbs that grow in stalks, like parsley and cilantro.

The trick is you use a cheese grater! Just run the stalk of the herb through one of the top holes in the grater. Then, simply pull the herbs through the hole, and you’re left with perfectly stripped herbs!



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If you’re looking for more food-prep hacks, check out this one for no-tears onion chopping.

[Via Delish U.K.]

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