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This Builder Created a Chair to Share with Her Dog

A dog on a woman's lap with his face in the book she's reading.
Iryna Kalamurza/Shutterstock

Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, or bunny, some pets can be a bit needy. Unfortunately, you can’t always get things done with a furball on your lap. That’s why someone created a special chair that allows both you and your furry friend to sit beside each other at all times.

Builder Simone Giertz created the pet chair, and it’s wide enough for both you and your small dog, cat, rabbit, snake, etc. Four legs hold up the base that includes an arched hideaway spot and two small stairs that lead up to the top level.

A railing surrounds the top seat portion and keeps your pet safely inside. A red cushion covers the entire seat so both you and your furbaby can be comfy.

In the video below, Giertz explains that her needy pup, Scraps, was the inspiration for the chair. It also shows you how to build one yourself and reveals a few secret compartments (including one for storing your pet’s toys) you won’t see in the quick clip she shared on Twitter.

While you can’t yet buy this ingenious piece of furniture at a store, it’s a fantastic idea that’s sure to take off!

In the meantime, if you have a needy pup, there’s likely something on this list that’ll calm or entertain him long enough for you to get some work done.

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