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Of Course Marie Kondo Can Fold a Fitted Sheet

A stack of folded fitted sheets.
Maria Simoes/Shutterstock

One skill that might elude even those who find doing laundry soothing is folding a fitted sheet. Marie Kondo knows how to do it, though. Shocker, right?

As Kondo has a new show coming soon to Netflix, now’s the perfect time to relive one of her greatest feats: teaching the world how to fold a fitted sheet.

In the video below from the Good Housekeeping YouTube channel, Kondo walks you through all the steps, starting with lying the sheet flat, elastic side up. Next, you fold the sheet into thirds, then lengthwise to create a rectangle and smooth it out as much as possible.

Once it’s even, fold the sheet in half, then use Kondo’s signature style to roll it up into a neat little bundle.

If you want to maximize those folding skills, you can also learn how to fold towels like they do at Bed, Bath, & Beyond or save space in your closet with this jean-folding hack.

[Via Good Housekeeping]

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