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These Quirky Welcome Mats Are Sure to Make Your Guests Grin

A welcome mat with a quirky pun.

There’s a whole world of doormats with messages beyond the traditional “welcome,” and we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites. All of these are perfect for adding a touch of personality and humor to your doorstep.

We’re all used to seeing typical “welcome” mats with basic embellishments. If you’re ready for something unique, though, take a look at some of our favorite quirky (and just plain funny) doormats. Your guests will be smiling before they even ring the bell!

“Welcome-Ish” Doormat

A doormat reading "Welcome-ish (Depends on Who You Are)"

Let’s be honest: Not every welcome is created equal. The Welcome-Ish Doormat channels that energy into a funny and visually appealing doormat to set outside your front door.

Made with a slip-resistant backing, sturdy coir, and UV-cured ink, the mat will hold up to plenty of use and weather—just clean it gently with a vacuum. It’s a gently funny way to rib your visitors with a sense of humor from the first moment they arrive.

“Hello/Bye, Bye, Bye” Mat

Doormat saying "Hello" with an Adele silhouette facing one way and "Bye Bye Bye" with NSYNC silhouettes the other way

For the pop-culture aficionados among us, pick up the Hello/Bye, Bye, Bye Doormat. This silly but clever mat features an Adele “Hello” illustration facing outward, as well as silhouettes of NSYNC saying “Bye, Bye, Bye” when someone leaves.

Of course, if you want to go even more classic, you can get the same mat featuring Lionel Richie’s version of “Hello” rather than Adele’s.

“Home Is Where the Magic Is” Mat

A doormat reading "Home Is Where the Magic Is" with a design of the Disney castle

WOWmats’ “Home Is Where the Magic Is” Mat gives “every man’s home is his castle” a whole new meaning. The Disney-centric design features “home” in large script, with the letter “o” replaced by a Mickey Mouse cutout inside a silhouette of the famous Disney castle.

This is the perfect way for Disney fiends to welcome everyone into their castle.

Gorilla Grip “Wipe Your Paws” Mat

A gray doormat with pawprint designs reading "Wipe Your Paws"
Gorilla Grip

Haven’t we all wanted to say “wipe your paws” before visitors came inside? Well, the Gorilla Grip Wipe Your Paws Mat does it for you!

Made from durable rubber and grooved artificial fabric, this sturdy, easy-to-clean doormat keeps the dirt and grime out of your home with a cute, tongue-in-cheek command. Still, it will remind your visitors to help keep your home clean while they’re there.

Birdrock Home “Beware of Dog” Mat

A doormat reading "beware of our intensely friendly, licking and jumping, really excited you're here dog"

Most “beware of the dog” signs are all, well, bark! Fortunately, this version by Birdrock Home gets it right by humorously letting visitors know that they might be licked to death.

Made from durable, natural coconut husk and backed with vinyl, it’s durable and designed to withstand all weather. It’ll help you keep dirt and debris outside while also preparing your visitors for doggie greetings.

“Doorbell Broken” Mat

Doormat reading "Doorbell Broken - Yell 'Ding Dong' Really Loudly"

Not only will the Doorbell Broken Door Mat make your guests crack up, but it’s also sure to provide entertainment for you when someone inevitably decides to do exactly what the mat suggests!

This coir doormat features a nonslip backing. Plus, it’s painted with UV ink, so the funny quote will greet your guests for years to come, even after withstanding the elements again and again.

“Did You Call First?” Doormat

A doormat reading "Did You Call First? (Did We Answer?)"

Who among us hasn’t wanted to ask this very question when the doorbell rings unexpectedly? The “Did You Call First?” mat is perfect for anyone who’s never thrilled about unannounced visitors.

Plus, it’s made with natural coir and UV ink for fade resistance, so it’ll make your point for years to come.

“Like a Good Neighbor” Doormat

A doormat reading, "Like a good neighbor, stay over there"

The “Like a Good Neighbor” mat is perfect while social distancing. The funny pun will make it the hit of your block.

Made of sturdy coir to keep dirt and debris where it belongs (out of your home), the hand-painted surface is also coated with UV- and water-resistant spray to extend its life and protect it from the elements.

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