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Turn Leftover Easter Candy into Brownie Bombs, Candy Cakes, and More

Three side by side images: The left image is of almond butter thumbprint cookies by The Sweet Balance, the middle image is of chocolate peanut butter skillet s'mores by How Sweet Eats, and the right image is of Chocolate peanut butter brownie bombs by The Domestic Rebel.
The Sweet Balance/How Sweet Eats/The Domestic Rebel

Time to empty those Easter baskets and fill your home with the aroma of warm baked treats. These recipes turn leftover Easter candy into brownie bombs, toasted Peeps treats, and more!

Have a bag of Cadbury mini eggs or a few boxes of colorful peeps you need to get rid of? Well, you’ve come to the right place, cause we have a fun recipe for both of those, and more. So, grab the kids and get ready for a fun post-Easter party in the kitchen.

Reese’s Egg Brownie Bombs

Two image of Reese's egg brownie bombs drizzled with white chocolate peanut butter drizzle.
The Domestic Rebel

Using Your favorite fudge brownie recipe (or a box mix), plus those ever-popular Reese’s eggs, you’ll learn to make rich peanut butter brownie bombs everyone will love.

All you need to do is wrap a warm baked brownie square around a Reese’s peanut butter egg, and then freeze them for a bit. From there, you’ll be ready to dip them in chocolate and finish them off with a vanilla peanut butter drizzle.

Follow the tips and instructions in this recipe, and you’ll have some adorable (and delicious) post-Easter treats.

Cadbury Crème Egg Cake

Two side by side image: The left is a side view of chocolate cake generously layered with Cadbury crème egg butter cream frosting and topped with a Cadbury Crème egg, and the right image is of the same cake in a separate angle view.
Liv For Cake

Cadbury crème egg cake is another fun, flavorful way to use up chocolate eggs. You’ll start with a homemade chocolate cake recipe and work on the frosting while the cake is baking.

Powdered sugar, butter, and heavy cream create a lovely buttercream frosting. Everyone will love the sweet chunks of rich chocolate mixed in after the chopped Cadbury eggs are added.

This simple recipe brings joy to the whole family because it’s both nostalgic for parents and yummy for kids. If you aren’t really into baking, feel free to take the easy way out and make a boxed cake: we won’t tell anyone.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Peeps S’mores

Chocolate peanut butter peeps S'mores skillet recently dipped with graham crackers, with a few colorful s'mores placed on the side.
How Sweet Eats

Peeps—you either love ’em or hate ’em. However, we’ve found a recipe everyone can appreciate that transforms those colorful marshmallow treats into a delectable, melted skillet concoction.

You start with a layer of chocolate chips, followed by a few plops of peanut butter. Then, you top it all off with the Peeps.

Once these special s’mores reach a golden brown and the chocolate is melted just right, you’ll have fun dipping your graham crackers in them for a wonderful dessert. Be sure to spoon out some servings for the little ones to avoid any burned fingers.

Cadbury Mini Egg Blondies

Two images: The left image is of four blondie squares piled high, and the right image is of perfectly cut out blondie squares after being cooled.
Together as Family

Blondies are another delicious way of using up Cadbury mini eggs and other Easter candies. If you have a bag of Easter-colored M&Ms, those will work, too!

Be sure to follow the instructions and let the blondies cool before you dig in (the waiting is the hardest part of this recipe). Letting the base of this treat set will give you the best results.

Easter Dirt Cake

A Pyrex casserole dish filled with Oreo dirt cake, topped with crumbled Oreo's, peeps, edible grass and Easter colored M&M's.
Lil’ Luna

Some pudding, whipped cream, Oreo cookies, and cream cheese are all you need to make this deliciously sweet and flavorful dessert. The best part is it only takes a few minutes to prepare.

Be sure to let your little chefs join in on the decorating fun. They can add the Peeps, Cadbury Eggs, chocolate bunnies, or any other Easter sweets you have hanging around.

Chow Mein Bird Nests

Two image of chow mien bird's nest cookies topped with Cadbury eggs. The left image is a close up and the right image is a over shot.
Like Mother Like Daughter

These chow mein bird nests are adorable and delicious. Using both butterscotch and chocolate chips, along with some peanut butter, you create a flavorful adhesive coating for the chow mein noodles.

Then, scoop the chow mein mixture onto some parchment paper and carefully mold them into little nests. Add the finishing touches (a few mini eggs) into each nest and let your fridge cool them into pretty little treats.

Easter Oreo Bark

A pale yellow bowl, filled with pieces of Easter bark, made of white chocolate and topped with crumbled Oreo, M&M's and sprinkles.
Lil’ Luna

Whether you have leftover sprinkles, M&M’s, or anything else in pastel Easter colors, make it into candy bark. Festive chocolate barks make a delicious treat any time of year. Plus, it’s an easy way to use up all that chocolate left in your pantry.

Nordic Ware 3 Piece Baker's Delight Set

Leftover candy won't go to waste.

This recipe calls for vanilla candy coating and Oreo cookies if you have any leftover from the Easter Dirt Cake above.

Almond Butter Mini Egg Thumbprint Cookies

Two Images: The left image is of multiple almond butter cookies arranged on parchment paper, recently drizzled with white chocolate and topped with Cadbury eggs. The right image is of the same cookies with a bite mark missing from one cookie.
The Sweet Balance

If you love everything almond, then these cute little cookies are a must. Chewy on the inside with a perfect crunch factor on the outside, you’ll love the texture of these after-Easter treats.

Dash SmartStore Compact Hand Mixer

Whip those cookies right up.

After you add the white chocolate filling, a quick thumb press and some Cadbury mini eggs take these cookies to a whole new level of adorableness.

Drowning in leftover Easter candy? No worries! These delicious treat and dessert recipes will help you take care of that in no time, in the most delicious of ways.

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