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Get Ready to Crank That AC This Summer

A woman sitting in front of a fan to cool off in summer heat.

If you were hoping for a milder summer here in the States, we’ve got some bad news. According to one extended summer forecast, 2021 is looking pretty darn hot.

The Weather Channel reported that temperatures are going to be above average from the West Coast to the Mississippi Valley and the western Great Lakes.

If you live in the Rockies or Plains, you’ve got the best (or worst, depending on how much you like summer) chance for hotter-than-average temperatures. As for the South and East Coast, temperatures are predicted to remain relatively the same as in previous years.

A few factors are contributing to the increase in temps, including La Niña. This phenomenon occurs when the waters of the Pacific turn colder, often resulting in jet stream winds pushing north. La Niña peaks in late fall, but wanes by summer, which can lead to increased temperatures.

Additionally, 46% of the country is experiencing some sort of drought condition. When this occurs, the dry soil warms up quicker and heats the air above it, also leading to higher temperatures.

So, it looks like we all need to prep for soaring temps this year. Fortunately, we’ve got some tips for keeping your home cool without destroying your electric bill.

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