Clothes Smelling Less Than Fresh? Reach for the Vodka

A woman smelling a towel in front of an open dryer.

You might use Febreeze or have an air freshener in the closet to keep your laundry smelling good. But if you’re ever out of both of those, just reach for the bottle of Absolut.

According to Patric Richardson, host of HGTV’s new show The Laundry Guya little spritz of vodka will freshen your clothes right up.

The thing to keep in mind, though, is this spritz of spirit will just refresh things, not wash them. That bottle of Svedka won’t do you any good if you’ve been doing cardio or dropped some of your lunch on your shirt.

In the video below, Richardson explains that he learned the vodka trick thanks to a customer who used to give him a hug every time she came into his store. Unfortunately, this left the smell of her perfume all over his clothes.

To take care of the problem, he’d have someone spritz him down with a bit of vodka, which neutralized the scent.

And, this tipsy trick doesn’t just work on clothes.

“You can spray your gym bag with vodka,” Richardson told Apartment Therapy. “If you go to your favorite restaurant and you leave [smelling like food], you can spray that with vodka; If you stand next to a smoker, you can spray that with vodka.”

Of course, this can get expensive, depending on the brand of vodka you buy, so you might want to pick up a cheap bottle just for the laundry room (and occasional swig).

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[Via Apartment Therapy]

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