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Closet Full? Add More Space with These 8 Clothing Racks

Three clothing racks.

If your wardrobe is bulging or your home just doesn’t have enough (or any) closet space, you might be at your wits’ end about what to do with your clothes. A garment rack is an affordable solution, and some even double as décor.

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite small and large clothing racks from around the web so you can store your clothing in style.

Compact Rack for Small Spaces

Images of 2-piece stackable clothing rack.

This compact and somewhat classy, espresso clothing rack will fit in any size home or apartment, and give you extra room for hanging clothes and foldable items. It measures 16.9 inches across and has ample room for hanging shirts.

Rather than basic shelving, this one comes with three cloth drawers. Designed in two freestanding parts, you can keep the clothing rack and dresser part separate or stack them.

Space-Saving Alloy Rack

Metal clothing rack with two lower shelves.

This white alloy steel clothing rack is perfect for smaller spaces. Don’t let the size fool you—there’s plenty of hanging room for your clothes on the 23.2 inches of rod space. It also has two shelves for shoes.

It has a rounded design, but your hangers won’t slide off thanks to the handy stoppers. It’s 62.2 inches from top to bottom.

Foldable Bamboo Rack with Shelf

A foldable clothing rack with clothes on it.

If you’re looking for something smaller with a simpler design, this foldable rack offers you the convenience of storing it whenever it’s not in use. It’s both great to take with you when traveling for extended periods, but nice enough to use as a permanent fixture in your home.

It stands 65 inches (and 28.3 inches wide) on the tallest side of the rack with two sides for hanging. There’s also a shelf across the bottom.

Bamboo Rack with Ample Shelving

Images of a clothing rack filled with clothes and with plants.

Need more shelving space and more room for hanging garments? Then this bamboo rack is a great choice. Not only does it have six tiers of shelving, but it also has a spot on one side specifically for hanging trousers.

Plus, if you ever move somewhere with enough closet space, you can use your bamboo rack as a plant or display stand, as shown above on the right.

This rack has 22.1 inches of hanging space for even your longest dresses and is 53 inches high. The overall length measures 35.4 inches.

Bamboo Rack with Handy Coat Hanger

Bamboo rack with clothing and a hat.

This bamboo clothing rack appears to have it all. It doesn’t take up a ton of space, but has room for long-hanging garments and shelving. It even has a coat rack that doubles as a hat rack, depending on your style and needs.

With this rack, you get three shelves, 53.14 inches for the long hanging area and 37 inches for the shorter hanging area. The entire rack is 39.37 inches across.

Bamboo Rack with Top and Bottom Shelving

Bamboo wood clothing rack filled with shirts.

If you have shoes that need a home, hats that need to be shelved, or other items you don’t hang but belong with your clothing, this gorgeous bamboo rack is just what you need. You’ll get 39.4 inches of hanging space, as well as a shelf on the top and bottom.

The rack is 54.7 inches tall, with a hanging space of 41.7 inches—nearly long enough to hang some petite pants.

White Metal Rack with Wooden Shelves

White metal clothing racks displayed in different rooms.

If you prefer metal clothing racks and want something with the capacity for lots of clothes, this white metal rack is still as charming as the bamboo racks above. Not only does it have a lot of hanging space, with 24 inches of rod space, but it also has four shelves for shoes, hats, and other stackables.

With the shelves included in the measurement, this clothing rack is 39.8 inches long by 59.45 inches tall.

Retro Iron Rack

A retro iron clothing rack in gold with clothes hanging on it, and closeups of the rack, shelf, and a caster.


If you need expanded hanging space, this beautiful retro design iron rack measures 47.2 inches across. It stands 59 inches high, with one shelf across the bottom.

Shirts, pants, and even your favorite summer dresses will hang nicely. It has a rustic charm, a simplistic design, and lots of character.

Whether you only have a small place for a clothing rack or plenty of room, one of these options is sure to help you get your overflowing wardrobe under control.

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