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Nicknaming Properties During Your House Hunt Can Be Helpful

A real estate agent showing a family a house.
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If you’ve ever watched an episode of Fixer Upper, you’ve likely noticed that Chip and Joanna Gaines nickname all the homes they show clients. According to realtors, this is actually a clever trick.

Evidently, there’s some logic behind naming properties, and it’s not just the Gaines who use the technique. Andrea Morgan, an Atlanta-based realtor, told Apartment Therapy she encourages particularly busy clients to nickname listings. Because she visits as many as five per day with them, naming the homes helps her clients keep track.

So, what do you name them? Morgan recommends focusing on a particular detail or feature that stands out about each property. This actually helps the whole process, as clients tend to highlight positive attributes about each home in the nicknames they choose.

If you’re looking for particular features, nicknaming properties after these desirable elements will then help you sort your top choices.

In addition to the more practical reasons, Ula Zucker Williams, a real estate specialist in South Florida, said nicknaming also helps clients get to know a property.

“We have personalities and I believe homes have personalities too,” Zucker Williams said. “Giving a house a nickname, especially when it’s a house you love, makes you connect and identify with the home.”

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[Via Apartment Therapy]

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