A Bigger, Higher-ABV White Claw Seltzer Is Out Now

Two cans of White Claw Surge sit against an ocean wave background.
White Claw

Just in time for summer days at the pool, White Claw is giving you more options for day drinking. The brand’s new hard seltzers come in a bigger can with a higher ABV.

The new White Claw Surge comes in Blood Orange and Cranberry flavors. Unlike the brand’s traditional 12-packs, Surge is sold in individual, 16-ounce cans for $2.99 each. Oh yeah, and they each contain an ABV of 8%.

You can check the website to see if the new line is available now in your market, or just check at your local liquor or grocery store.

But that’s not all the hard seltzer brand has been up to. It’s also introduced three new flavors of its classic 5% ABV seltzers: Strawberry, Pineapple, and Blackberry. You can get those in a four-pack with the existing Mango flavor.

White Claw’s expansion comes on the heels of other developments in the world of hard seltzer. In March, Sonic announced it’s launching a line of seltzers in honor of its famous Slushes.

Additionally, Truly Hard Seltzer—a direct competitor of White Claw’s—announced the release of a new higher-ABV beverage last month.

No matter which you prefer, it appears your cooler by the pool will be well-stocked.

[Via CNN]

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