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The Best Sites for Making and Reviewing Flashcards

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Flashcards are not only an effective way to study but an effective way to study anywhere. Thanks to modern technology, you don’t have to waste time writing out flashcards by hand,. Instead, you can use the following websites.

StudyBlue: Great Features Overall

studyblue home page

StudyBlue (recently acquired by Chegg) is a student education platform, and it lets students make and review flashcards easily. You start by creating an account and entering information about what course you’re studying and where. The site uses that information to recommend flashcards to you.

You can start creating flashcards immediately by adding titles, images, audios, and equations. StudyBlue will recommend similar matching cards, and you can choose them instead of filling out your own from scratch.

When you start studying, you can flip through the flashcards in any order you like, and even take quizzes. At the end of each session, you’ll get to see the results of your efforts so you can improve them next time. StudyBlue also has iOS and Android apps that you can install on your device for studying on the go.

Quizlet: Flashcards with Friends

quizlet home page

Quizlet offers a simple and easy way to create flashcards and study. The interface for creating flashcards is quite simple; add a title and then start adding flashcards. You can also add images and record audio to your flashcards to make it more useful.

Flashcard sets that you create also have privacy controls, which lets you share your flashcards publicly or only with people you prefer. You can also enable editing rights on flashcards, which is useful when collaborating with friends. When it comes to studying, Quizlet has seven ways that you can use the flashcards learn your subject. Each study method, or game, will be useful for different subjects, so we suggest that you try them all.

Quizlet is a freemium service and the basic features, including its mobile apps, are free to use. For an ad-free experience and to unlock some additional features, you can upgrade to the Quizlet Plus plans, which start at just $1 per month.

Cram.com: For Creating Flashcards Quickly

cram home page

Cram.com is perhaps one of the easiest sites for creating flashcards. You can browse through existing flashcards for a variety of subjects, but you’ll need to create a free account to make your own flashcards. You can either create new ones from scratch or import them from a CSV file from your computer or Google Drive.

When the time to study comes, you get four ways to improve your knowledge. You can use regular flashcards, do a memory test, play a matching game, or use a special game mode. The game mode is pretty interesting, as it replicates a puzzle game that you’d typically play on your mobile phone.

Flashcard.online: Create Physical Flashcards

flashcards online home page

FlashCard Online is a website that helps you create physical flashcards. It’s a minimalistic website that you can use without even creating an account.

You click the Giant “Start Now” button, choose the number and the type of flashcards you want to create, and the website prepares a template for you to add content. Add the relevant images or text to your cards (depending on the type of card you selected), wait for a few seconds while the website to processes your data, and you’ll be prompted with a “Free Download” button. Click the button to download a PDF file with your flashcards, which you can then print.

The template is pretty basic, so you’ll have to rely on your skills to transform the pdf into working flashcards. It’s obvious that the site is pretty basic, so we recommend that you use it for creating flashcards for children.

Study Stack: Simple Flashcards with Plenty of Games

study stack home page

Study Stack is another simple website for creating flashcards and improving your knowledge with games. There are thousands of flashcards present on the site for a lot of subjects, and we recommend that you search for your topic before deciding to create your own.

If you do decide to create your own, you’ll need to create an account to do so. The website’s interface is a little dated but still gets the job done. The flashcard creation interface doesn’t have automatic recommendations like the other websites we discussed, so you’ll have to enter all the data yourself. Once you create your flashcards, you can play one of 14 interactive games to test your knowledge.

BrainScape: For Pre-Made, Exam-Ready Flashcards

BrainScape home page

Brainscape is a fantastic place to find pre-made flashcards (and you can also create your own). The pre-made flashcards of the website are the most extensive of any sites we looked at; there are over a million flashcard classes already created by Brainscape users.

Some of these classes are Brainscape-certified, which denotes that they are extensive and cover the topic well. If for some reason, your topic of interest is not listed on the website, you can create your own flashcards after creating an account. The process is similar to the other websites we discussed, and you can also import a CSV file to speed up the process.

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